SelmaCashMoney is the Aussie Twitch streamer version of Miranda Sings


Selma “SelmaCashMoney” Rizi is the Australian Twitch streamer equivalent of popular YouTube persona Miranda Sings, with the major difference being… she’s actually funny.

Selma “Cash Money” Rizi (we are only guessing at her surname) is an Australian Twitch streamer and partner who “gets more likes on Twitter than Ray William Johnson.” And she’s bloody hilarious.

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If you were shown a video of Selma on mute you could be fooled into believing that it’s actually the American comedienne Colleen Ballinger. However, the second you’d unmute the video you’d realise it’s definitely not her. Why? Because, first of all, she’s got an Australian accent and secondly… she’s actually funny.

Selma is a true blue Aussie, and she wants you to know that.

Australian Twitch partner and Twitter comedian SelmaCashMoney is exploding in popularity and is funnier than Miranda Sings.

“I’m a VB drinking, Vegemite eating, crock hunting, barbie cooking, full-blown true blue Aussie,” Selma responded in a Twitter video to fans who asked if she’s British.

“If any of you c*** have an issue with that, you’ll be talking to my knife. This is my knife!” She added while flashing, what I can only assume is, a nail file?

She’s clearly rarely, if ever, serious. A quick look at her Twitch profile and you get the gist. This is one Aussie girl who really — and I mean really — doesn’t take herself seriously.

Nope, this is not an ad. This is a drawing of Selma… by Selma.

“yes. if u r reading this the quality is bad and im sorry,” is the only information you will find on her profile, along with some shoddily drawn art including a self portrait that appears to be drawn in Microsoft Paint. Yes, Microsoft Paint.

That’s just her style, though. Selma is a partnered Twitch streamer with over 10,000 followers which means she’s definitely making some of that “cash money.” She could easily afford to pay an artist to jazz up her profile, but, if she did, it wouldn’t be very Selma-esque. That’s why we love her.

[mv_video key=”tjuonk46cdtcxpwldjlz” title=”Australian Twitch partner SelmaCashMoney hilarious TikTok video” thumbnail=”” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”” jsonLd=true]

She started of as an aspiring YouTuber in January 2019. Her first video was about having hair on her arm. “I didn’t ask for this,” Selma says before breaking into song and singing, “it’s in my DNA.”

SelmaCashMoney’s YouTube content is gold but sadly she’s pretty much abandoned her channel since she found fame on Twitter and Twitch.

Her [SelmaCashMoney] sense of humour comes across extremely well in short-form videos and as a result her Twitter account quickly outgrew her YouTube channel.

SelmaCashMoney is famous for her overly dramatic reactions and depressive meltdowns to her fans comments. She’d often post selfies and videos of herself crying to the “nasty comments” people leave “on the internet.” It’s pretty funny.

Sadly because of the lack of any information on Selma’s Twitch profile we can’t tell you when were expecting to see her live next, although she usually streams daily.

If you want to get updates on when she’s about to go live then your best bet is to follow her on Twitter.

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