Shane Dawson death hoax trends on Twitter because of K-pop fans


The hashtag #RIPShane is trending on Twitter but Shane Dawson is not dead. Smear campaign against the YouTube by K-pop fans.

Contrary to a trending Twitter hashtag, Shane Dawson is alive but, considering the recent turn of events, he may not be well. The hashtag is nothing more than a hate campaign that is meant to smear the YouTuber.

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Shane Dawson has been “exposed” saying and doing some shocking things. However, the new wave of videos aren’t exactly new and have been circling the internet.

Dawson has apologised for his comments and disposable and offensive behaviour and the past and had seemingly moved on with his life. But just drama is boiling up in the YouTube beauty community, Dawson is finding himself in hot water again.

Earlier last month an anonymous insider reached out to us and alleged that some of James Charles fans, “the Sisters”, were behind the recent smear campaign. “They won’t stop until he’s dead,” the insider revealed.

No. Shane Dawson is not dead. #RIPShane is a hoax.

No. Shane Dawson is not dead, the #RIPShane hashtag is a death hoax propagated by K-pop fans.

Just a few weeks later the hashtag #RIPShane trended on Twitter. Someone had doctored images of other Tweets that claimed that Shane Dawson had taken his own life “out of guilt.”

Shane Dawson has not died. He did not take his own life. The hashtag is yet another smear campaign — or rather wishful thinking from some toxic people — directed at the 32-year-old content creator.

There’s no evidence to suggest this campaign was started by James Charles fans. A YouTube commentator known a Def Noodles did a little digging and noticed that a bunch of K-pop and BTS fan accounts were sharing fake images and Tweets under the hashtag.

A lot of K-pop fans took a sudden interest in Shane Dawson when an old video that had been public for many years was brought to their attention. The video showed Shane Dawson dressed as Will Smith performing a parody of one of his songs.

The K-pop fans spammed his sponsors with videos of him allegedly ‘blackfacing’ and demanded that they stop supporting him, and, sadly for Dawson, it had the desired affect.

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star controversy

Jeffree Star stands by Shane Dawson despite controversy and death hoax.

Shops pulled his merchandise, and Google fully demonetised all of his channels effectively rendering his career as a content creator dead.

Dawson isn’t dead, he has just taken a long break from YouTube and social media as he’s probably trying cope with these drastic changes and trying to reevaluate his choices moving forward.

His absence has a lot of people concerned for his health, but even more people hoping something terrible will happen to him.

Thousands of Tweets from accounts that use K-pop profile pictures share disgusting messages wishing, and even calling, for terrible things to happen to Dawson; even death.

Fortunately, he’s still alive and the hashtag is nothing more than a smear campaign. Shane Dawson is surrounded by people who love and care for him who would go above and beyond to help him. Even beauty guru Jeffree Star refused to denounce his friendship with Shane despite the mounting controversy.

“He is one of my best friends… he is genuine, amazing, he’s selfless. And he’s one of the most kind people that I have ever met in my entire world,” Jeffree Star said in his YouTube apology video.

Shane Dawson hasn’t made made an online appearance after the Instagram livestream meltdown where he responded to allegations levied against him by his former friend and fellow beauty guru Tati Westbrook.

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