Streamer SmashGodxXx posts fake Cease and Desist to Livestreamfail


Banned Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx aka Hito tweeted a fake Cease and Desist to the Livestreamfail subreddit after being exposed beating his girlfriend.

A shocking video of a banned Twitch streamer harassing and later assaulting his girlfriend went viral and now SmashGodxXx is trying to get rid of the evidence with a fake Cease and Desist order.

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SmashGodxXx aka Hito, real name unknown, was a semi-popular Twitch star. He had over 10,000 followers on his Twitch channel until he was banned after he streamed violent argument with his girlfriend where he allegedly beat her.

A shocking video that appeared on the popular Twitch subreddit Livestreamfail showed SmashGodxXx visibly angered at the presence of his girlfriend. During the video the streamer demands his girlfriend to go get him another beer, to which she responds “I’m not your maid.”

SmashGodxXx beats girlfriend

SmashGodxXx then turns the camera away from his girlfriend and two loud thumps are heard before the audio is muted. The stream then went offline for approximately 10 minutes. When the live stream returned Hito’s girlfriend could be seen crying. When Hito tries to put his arms around his girlfriend she flinches and moves away from him.

A friend of the couple then comes into the room takes the camera and gives the viewers an impromptu room tour. Many people were concerned for the safety of Hito’s girlfriend, but his friend insisted that “everybody is tripping”.

“It’s just Hito and [his girlfriend] jumping around,” she said, trying to explain away the loud thumps in the background. But shortly after trying to cover up the domestic abuse another loud thump his heard followed by the scream of his girlfriend. At this point his friend ends the stream.

The video went viral and many have accused SmashGod of hitting his girlfriend, and now the banned Twitch streamer is trying to remove the evidence. Hito asked people on his Discord to report any videos they find online showing the altercation. He even went as far as to posting a fake Cease and Desist letter to Twitter which was directed at the Livestreamfail subreddit.

SmashGod appears to have copied a letterhead from a small, and questionable, law firm located in California and attached a template of a standard cease and desist order. Moreover, the cease and desist references Hito’s online alias SmashGodxXx and is not signed or initialled by an attorney.

It is likely that SmashGod paid a little money to someone on Fiverr or at the firm to draft up a quick cease and desist, but it is very unlikely that it is legitimate. The Liu Law firm has not commented on whether they are actually representing Hito (SmashGodxXx).

Regardless, Hito has no legal grounds to stand on considering that he admitted that he did in fact hit her. “It wasn’t even a slap, bro. It was literally just like a… slash.”

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