The Ex-Onision girls are taking over OnlyFans, Instagram and Twitter


Gregory James Jackson, aka Onision, used to be a popular YouTuber with millions of subscribers until he was exposed for allegedly [redacted] and abusing young homeless girls. Now it’s their time to shine.

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Ever since Onision was exposed by his former ex-girlfriends for being a terrible and manipulative human being, his channel faded from relevancy and his dreams of being a loved celebrity died with it.

Many of his ‘so called’ ex-girlfriends have come forth with some pretty damning allegations against the 34-year-old YouTuber that have since crushed his career. The allegations range from emotional abuse to [redacted] and having intercourse with minors. It’s pretty dark stuff.

But this isn’t about him, this is about the girls he pined over.

Who were the girls that both made and ruined his life and where are they now?

Skye Tantaga went offline

Ex-Onision girls: Skye is sick of Onision and is living her life.

Onision’s first wife, Skye Tantaga has pretty much avoided the limelight after the drama that went down. She is still on Twitter but barely posts anything. She, on occasion, retweets and likes other posts.

Billie Dawn Webb went on OF

Ex-Onision girls: Billie Dawn is making a killing selling her nudes on OnlyFans.

Billie Dawn Webb decided to capitalise off her fame and create an OF account where she posts her nude and lewd photos… and she’s super popular.

Billie is probably more popular than Onision himself now and is clearly earning more money considering her OF costs a lot of money. She’s currently got a “Quarantine Special” for OF subscribers which, at a 50% discount, is still USD$20 for one month. If you are not into that kind of stuff you can still follow her daily life on Twitter.

Shiloh Hoganson goes by LylDoll

Shiloh Hoganson goes by LylDoll

Ex-Onision girls:Shiloh now goes by LylDoll and is a music pop-star.

Shiloh is no stranger to fame. Before she dated Onision she was an up and coming Canadian singer. Then our hearts broke when we saw Onision capitalise one of her nervous breakdowns on his YouTube channel. Fortunately she’s back to old self and writing kick-ass tunes and making awesome music videos.

Shiloh is looking hot as ever and is absolutely killing it on Instagram with over 70,000 followers. She goes by LyllDoll and posts awesome artsy pictures.

Sarah is taking it chill on Twitter

Ex-Onision girl Sarah is still friends with Regina on Twitter.

After the Onision drama Sarah is just just trying to live her best life devoid of Onision. Understandable she wants to put all that jazz behind her and focus on her future.

She still posts some hot takes on Twitter and has a bunch of followers.

Beck became a cosmetics nerd

Ginger Beck

Ex-Onision girls: Ginger Beck is doing makeup tutorials and following he dream.

Beck, otherwise known as Ginger Beck, used to be a Patreon of Skai and Onision. Being an avid supporter granted her some insight to their toxic relationship where Beck allegedly also was a victim. She spoke about it on Chris Hansen’s show.

Ginger Beck (@ginerbeckgirl) is now following her passions and is aspiring beautician. She, admittedly, is a bit of a ‘cosmetics nerd‘ and posts cool pictures on her Instagram.

Ayalla Karina sells n*des on OF

Ayalla Karin and Billie Dawn

Ex-Onision girls: Ayalla Karina is still best friends with Billie Dawn Webb and is also selling her nudes on OnlyFans.

Truth be told… Ayalla was not really Onision’s girlfriend. I guess you could say that for a lot of these girls; they were more captives — or rather victims — as apposed to girlfriends. However, being Billie’s best friend, she did live with him for some time and witnessed some of the emotional and mental abuse.

Ayalla was quite popular on Instagram amounting 50,000 followers and later became the singer of Kissing Sissies. Ayalla Karina is still very good friends with Billie Dawn Webb and has a verified account on OF where she sells nudes and lewds. [Pro Tip: You can also find if someone has an OF account with an online lookup tool. Here’s an article on that: How to find someone’s OnlyFans account]

Regina is trying to de-platform Onision


Ex-Onision girls: Regina is keeping up the good fight and has #DeplatformPredators trending on Twitter.

Regina — again, not really a girlfriend — was close friends with Kai and Onision. She moderated a lot of their chats and witnessed a lot of sick things. She later went on “Have A Seat With Chris Hansen” where she exposed Kai and Onision for grooming homeless teens.

Regina is probably one of the more prominent voices in the movement to de-platform Onision and is one of the key figures who made #DeplatformPredators trend on Twitter. She has several social profiles which you can follow.

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