Twitch banned simp emotes and memes because it hurt profits


Twitch have been cracking down on simp emotes and memes claiming they are ‘dehumanising’ to viewers, but it’s really about money.

The term ‘simp’ is now considered a form of hate speech on Twitch. The use of this simple word can warrant you a permanent ban from the platform; that’s right, ‘simp’ is the new N-word.

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However, Twitch have been lying to you about why they are cracking down on this term and — no — they do not care about your feelings.

Twitch TV takes a large cut of all bit donations and subscribers. As a matter of fact, it is one of the mainstreams of revenue for their livestreaming platform.

The revenue-split for Twitch affiliates is an even 50/50, this means that Twitch is making a minimum of $2.5 per affiliate sub. It’s a little bit better for partners, but not much. Depending on the popularity of the streamer, the revenue-split for partners can range between 60/40 to 20/80. It safe to say that Twitch want you to subscribe to your favourite streamers because it means money for them.

It is sad to see Twitch side with popular and wealthy streamers who bully and poor-shame their viewers into either donating money to them or subscribing. Both BadBunnyTwitch and InvaderVie have publicly called out and shamed viewers who either choose not to or cannot subscribe to their channels.

Twitch streamer InvaderVie violated Community Guidelines and could be banned

Twitch bans simp emotes and memes but supports streamers like InvaderVie who poor-shame viewers.

InvaderVie previously told her viewers, “if you cannot afford to subscribe to me, then you can’t afford to waste time on the internet.” She then continued shaming those who chose to not subscribe to her, “fat sweaty basement dwellers who treat her like free porn and just jerk off.”

InvaderVie has since apologised for her comments and maintains that she was simply joking, but the apology only came after she saw a massive drop in her subscribers.

Despite being degraded like that online some still continue to donate or subscribe to these streamers and the internet has dubbed them ‘simps’. That is because, according to the Urban Dictionary, a simp is a man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table. This usually comes at a great expense as these men are usually willing to fork over a lot of money to get noticed.

The simp meme has brought light to the exploitative nature of Twitch and how, essentially, it operates as non-nude version of most adult entertainment webcam sites. This has resulted in many people thinking twice before actually donating or subscribing to some streamers.

Twitch streamer show too much

Twitch is basically My Free Cams for kids, streamers exploit children for money yet simp emotes are banned.

The most popular streams on Twitch are just scantily clad girls begging for subs and donations. A lot of former adult entertainers have even migrated to Twitch from other platforms because they can market to a much larger audience, and this includes children.

More and more people are cancelling their subscribtions because they are waking up to this and it has been largely because of the popularity of the simp meme.

The simp meme and emotes shames people who throw money at streamers, male or female, for attention. Nobody wants to be called a simp. Many people are distancing them from it, and as a result less people are subscribing on Twitch. That is why Twitch is cracking down on the term; not because they are worried about your feelings, but because they don’t want you to feel awkward giving them money.

Do you think Twitch have gone too far by adding simp to their list of hate speech words and banning memes and emotes? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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