Twitch bans streamers covering ‘peaceful protests’ as Extremist Content


Twitch streamers are being permanently banned for livestreaming the alleged “peaceful protests” in the States. It is now considered Terrorist and Extremist Content.

Many popular IRL (In Real Life) streamers have been banned for livestreaming the Black Lives Matter protests but not for the reason you think. Despite the endless looting and rioting, Twitch claims that the streamers are misrepresenting the so called “peaceful protests”.

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Most people are really unaware of how bad the Black Lives Matter protests have turned because the mainstream media refuses to cover it. Cops are being beaten into bloody messes, run over, shot and stabbed while small businesses are being looted and burned to the ground.

Of course you would know nothing about this if it wasn’t for the brave independent field reporters who risk their lives to film the on-goings of, what the mainstream media calls, these peaceful protests.

Thankfully the internet circumvents the mainstream media’s blatant lies by giving people the ability to see what is really going on for themselves via independent livestreams.

Independent reporters silenced.

Elijah Schaffer, a reporter for The Blaze, was assaulted while filming the riots and looting in Philadelphia that took place after the police shot an armed and dangerous criminal.

Thanks to people like Elijah Schaffer, it’s now becoming harder and harder for the mainstream media to uphold the lie about the looting and rioting and many people are now waking up the reality of the situation. Now Big Tech feels the need to supress, and even censor, the spread of videos revealing what is actually happening.

YouTube have been deleting videos that cops being brutalised by angry Black Lives Matter criminals for violence but allow videos of cops killing black people on the platform, further feeding into the identity politics that is dividing and ultimately destroying America.

Now Twitch are doing the same and are banning independent reporters from livestreaming the “peaceful protests”. Why? Because it is debunking the mainstream narrative.

Twitch ban IRL streamers
Twitch bans coverage of the protests, and calls independent journalists ‘extremists’.

What’s even more disturbing is that Twitch is accusing these individuals of misrepresenting the livestreamed events and calling the streamers ‘terrorists and extremists’ and not the actual violent rioters and looters.

White supremacists blamed for riots and looting.

Despite presenting the audience with a raw and unedited broadcast of the events with absolutely no commentary, Twitch is saying that these streamers are inciting terrorism and are, in some way, trying to rally extremists.

It is a fact that the footage has left a very sour taste in the mouths of many, and people are getting sick of the constant looting and rioting. In the words of Donald J Trump, they want “LAW AND ORDER.”

But according to Twitch, showing the violence perpetrated by the Black Lives Matter criminals is bad because it puts black lives in danger due to white supremacists.

Black business owners aren’t boarding up their stores because of the imminent threat of white supremacists. Black people aren’t in danger of being lynched, beaten, or even killed by white supremacist… the truth is, it is the other way around.

People are being shot dead simply for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats; just over the past month two American patriots were murdered in cold blood for showing support for their president.

BLM looting and rioting
BLM riot and looting photo taken by Pamela Geller (Geller Report).

School kids are being bullied and beaten for the same thing, and these poor kids do not have the support of the mainstream media.

America is not under the threat of any kind of white supremacy. Simply using a racial slur today can get you fired, de-platformed, or even killed.

Context doesn’t even matter when it comes to using certain words, as many people have discovered.

Twitch protecting left-wing extremists.

Twitch stated they are “updating their language” to fight against white supremacy and extremist content, but as many have seen they are not going enforce their new rules fairly. If that was the case then Hasan Piker (HasanAbi) would have been banned long ago.

Hasan Abi Piker the communist
Hasan “Abi” Piker is a anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-Christian and Communist Twitch streamer.

Former Young Turks host, now fulltime Twitch streamer, Hasan Piker — better known as Hasan Abi on Twitch — uses the platform to harass and demean conservatives. He has openly mocked an American war hero who lost his eye to an IED explosion while he was serving his country. He as often called for a communist uprising and celebrated the deaths of many thousands of Americans.

“America deserved 9/11,” Hasan Piker said during one of his livestreams yet he was never punished for it.

Many are now calling Twitch out for election interference because for trying to supress footage that will help Trump win the November election.

Trump has called Black Lives Matter protesters out on their looting and rioting and has asked the opposition to condemn them. Yet both the mainstream media and the US democratic party deny that this group is responsible and instead blame white supremacists.

It appears that Twitch are now trying to get rid of the evidence that supports Trump’s claims.

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