Twitter deletes Joe Biden tripping on stairs video for ‘inciting violence’

Joe Biden's stair struggle inspires meme video that is now banned on Twitter.

Twitter has started banning people sharing a meme that shows Joe Biden getting hit by golf balls and tripping while walking up Air Force One stairs.

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When you’re the president of the most powerful people in the world, there are bound to me memes made about you. Sadly, Twitter is putting its foot down on Biden memes and are banning people for sharing videos of him tripping up the stairs.

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When Donald J Trump was president he was constantly bombarded by the mainstream media and Hollywood celebrities. Terrible things were said about the man and disgusting photoshopped images were shared on Twitter. However, Twitter didn’t believe that people violated the rules when photos of a beheaded Trump started circulating.

Twitter also refused to fact check now verifiably false allegations made against the former US president. They went as far as to banning him the second he left office earlier this year.

Trump beheaded

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey alleged that Trump incited violence when calling for people to gather at the Capitol and protest peacefully. In the video Trump did ask for a peaceful and respectful protesting, but he was still banned and yet another impeachment trial followed shortly after.

Trump was the first person to not hold office to be impeached, but the trial proved to ultimately be a failure for the Democrats as it revealed that he did not call for violence and was subsequently acquitted for the second time in two years.

Twitter doesn’t like Trump.

A lot of Trump supporters have either left or have been banned from Twitter so now you’ll mostly find a lot of anti-Trump content. Some of it is even very disturbing and factually incorrect. While this kind of content still remains on Twitter with thousands of retweets and likes, a video meme of Joe Biden falling down the stairs are being deleted by the social media network.

Joe Biden had proceeded swiftly about halfway up the airstairs to the presidential jet when he stumbled.

The 78-year-old Democrat leader was filmed walking up stairs to board Air Force One but it appeared that president was struggling keeping his balance due to a a gust of wind. In the video he is seen holding on to the railing with his right hand, he attempted a quick recovery but tripped again, this time dropping to his knee.

banned for Anti-Biden meme

Biden stood up, paused and brushed his left pant leg before he headed up to the top of the stairs, turned and saluted, and then entered the aircraft.

Conservative influencers took the footage and turned it into a meme showing Trump playing golf and hitting Joe Biden while he’s walking up the stairs.

Anti Joe Biden memes not allowed.

After the video was shared by the former US president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, Twitter started cracking down on people reposting the video. People have been permanently banned for sharing the video for ‘inciting violence’.

In June 2020 several mainstream media outlets wrote articles questioning Trump’s cognitive abilities after he was filmed slowly holding onto both rails while descending down a set a slippery ranp. Maggie Haberman at The New York Times claimed that Donald Trump was not fit for office after he was filmed holding a glass with two hands and walking slowly down some stairs.

Trump's Ramp Walk

“President Trump faced new questions about his health on Sunday, after videos emerged of him gingerly walking down a ramp at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and having trouble bringing a glass of water to his mouth during a speech there,” Haberman wrote.

When Trump said that he was being extra careful because the ramp was a bit slippery she doubled down and claimed they sent an investigative team to debunk his claims, adding “there was no evidence that the ramp was slippery.”

Hundreds of publication echoed similar sentiment all calling to questioning Trump’s mental faculties and thousands and thousands of memes were posted on Twitter comparing Trump walking down the stairs slowly to Biden jogging.

Although Twitter are removing videos of Joe Biden tripping down the stairs, anti-Trump memes remain untouched. At this time Twitter are not consistent with handing out punishments. While some claim they’ve been permanently banned, others say they’ve just received a warning for sharing the video.

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