UFOs spotted during lockdown? Man freaks out after seeing strange lights


The entire planet is in lockdown and people are urged to stay inside their homes whether they are sick or not. One guy filmed a formation of UFOs and thinks that’s the reason why were are forced to stay inside.

Self isolation and quarantine has certainly made some of us a little bit crazy. Celebrities are posting embarrassing videos of themselves singing terrible songs and saying cringe things and others think this is some grand conspiracy.

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People are out off jobs and have plenty of spare time on their hands, but it’s been mentally draining for many as they are forced to remain indoors. In some countries people are being fined for taking walks.

Although it isn’t yet that bad here in Australia the authorities are starting to enforce unwritten ‘loitering’ laws to people who are out on the bout. People travelling too far from home are being fined and forced to turn back.

It all seems a bit crazy, but is it as crazy as some of the conspiracy theories popping up online? How about, “they want to lock us inside so we don’t see the alien arrival?”

UFOs spotted during lockdown? Man freaks out after seeing strange lights in sky. Thinks its because of COVID–19.

A man freaked out when he filmed a strange formation of lights in the sky during the coronavirus lockdown.

“This is why they want us to stay inside the house,” the freaked out man exclaimed. “It’s not the coronavirus. It’s not the radiation… it’s this… what the f— is this?!”

VIDEO: Strange lights (UFOs) spotted in skies during coronavirus lockdown.

Authorities allege that the glowing lights are merely Chinese lanterns that have been sent off to honour those who lost their lives to the coronavirus. However, not everybody is buying it. Some people still believe they are seeing aliens during lockdown… and that’s the reason why we are forced to stay indoors.

Aliens, satellites, or maybe just some Chinese lanterns… whatever the case, can you blame people for letting their imagination run wild while during lockdown? We are living through one of the craziest times in history.

What do you think these lights in the skies are? Let us know in the comments below.

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