Walmart girl loses it: calls out manager and workers through PA on TikTok


Shana Quiapo (shanaquiapo) from Cap 2 at Walmart called her manager racist and insulted fellow colleagues on the PA system and posted it on TikTok.

Hospitality and customer service may not be the hardest jobs in the world, but they can certainly be mentally and emotionally taxing. It seems as though Shana Blackwell from Cap 2 at Walmart couldn’t handle it.

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Shana Quiapo (shanaquiapo), now Show Blackwell, is the girl in the TikTok video, works at a Walmart in Lubbock, Texas, or at least she did up until November 1st when she decided to quit. But before she quit she felt it was important to leave a message for her fellow colleagues, and she shared it with the world via TikTok.

“F*ck Walmart, I just need to say that,” Shana said before picking up the service phone at the Walkmart in Lubbock, Texas, that gave her a direct line to the store’s PA system.

“Attention all Walmart shoppers, associates and managers. My name is Shana from Cap 2 and I just want to come on here and say Henry is a racist, stinky prick.”

Shana continued to name and shame her fellow colleagues, including her managers.

“Jovana is racist. Leah is a prick of a manger,” she added before attempting to expose the innerworkings of the store.

“This company fires black associates for no reason. This company treats their employees like sh*t, especially Cap 2… and Jimmy from sporting goods, Joseph the cashier, and Larry from Garden Centre, you are all perverts. I hope you don’t talk to your daughters the way you talk to me.”

Shana at Walmart TikTok
Shana (shanaquiapo on TikTok) on the access PA system at Walmart to tell her managers off.

She concluded: “F*ck the managers. Fuck this company, and f*ck that big lazy bitch Chris Price. F*ck you, I quit.”

The video has gone viral and now has over 33 million views and has most likely ruined some lives.

One of her colleagues, who was mentioned in the video, was in on the game and filmed a live reaction to Shana’s rude announcement over the PA system.

In the background of the video Walmart employees can been seen sitting around, doing nothing and chatting, most likely because there is very little to do in the store due to lockdown.

Why did Shana quit her job?

According to her post on Twitter, Shana’s husband encouraged her to quit her job and go back to college so that she could chase her dreams.

She would not have quit the job if she did not have the financial backing of her husband, Mr Aaron Blackwell who is a professional hairdresser.

Shana and friends
Shana Blackwell (in the middle) with her friends.

A lot of people have lost their jobs due to the nasty virus that is going around, and some people just have to be let go. If Shana is right and they were simply let go because of their race, then Walmart could be sued for discrimination. However, that is not likely the case.

“Walmart don’t fire you based on your race, they fire you based on your work ethic. Companies are suffering right now because of what’s going on, and I bet who ever got sacked was just the weakest link,” a former employee of Walmart in Lubbock, Texas, told us.

According to our sources, Walmart headquarters are currently investigating working conditions at Lubbock for the claims made by Shana Blackwell.

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