“Wholesome simping only,” Neekolul aka Neeko has a nasty simp problem


After encouraging her viewers to ‘simp for their queen’ the popular TikTok and Twitch streamer Neekolul has a problem with perverts and weirdos.

Neekolul is only now discovering that the act of ‘simping’ is not as virtuous as had previously claimed and is asking people to stop with their suggestive comments after donating.

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Neekolul became famous overnight with her ‘OK boomer’ where she endorsed former U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders but a lot of her new followers were only there for some T&A.

The presumably 30-something-year-old Twitch streamer welcomed that kind of support and even encouraged it on stream by saying, “simping is king.” But now it seems as though Neekolul has some regrets as she’s asking her followers to tone it down a bit.

Neekolul shows too much cleavage

Neekolul (Neeko) wants “wholesome simping only” says fans are taking it too far with their comments.

Despite having a boyfriend Neekolul begs her followers for donations and has previously said that there is nothing wrong with worshipping her, but she now thinks her followers are taking it too far.

Neeko receives thousands of donations per stream ranging from USD$5 all the way up to the thousand dollar mark but along with the money come some pretty nasty and quite dirty messages… and Neekolul doesn’t want to be objectified.

She does want your money, though. So, poor Neeko is a little conflicted.

Many believe that Neeko brought this upon herself for encouraging simping and wearing very revealing skimpy clothes and tops that show off a bit too much cleavage of her expensive fake boobs.

Her TikTok videos, as shown below, are mostly of her doing some dirt dancing while wearing as little as possible.

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Former Twitch streamer (and masterclass troll) Brittany Venti replied to her Tweet and said, “Girl if you wanted wholesome simping you shouldn’t have gotten breast implants. Citation: Look at how twitch/reddit treat Asian girls and flat chested girls like innocent angels who can do no wrong even when they act sexually wild and lewd.”

Do you guys think Neekolul is wholesome? Let us know in the comments below.

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