Woman bullied off Twitter for “men are allowed to say no to sex” tweet


A woman going by the username witchdrums1993 has had to make all of her social media profiles private after receiving threats from tweeting “men are allowed to say no to sex”.

This weekend a 27-year-old woman (witchdrums1993) tweeted what most would consider a pretty straight forward comment on her own timeline. Sadly her tweet was met with massive protest and the women as harassed off Twitter.

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There are a lot of activists online fighting for worthy causes and trying to bring justice to those who have been wronged. One of these groups are actual survivors of domestic violence and they are fighting hard to show that, despite what the mainstream media alleges, Johnny Depp was the real victim of abuse.

Then you have other forms of activists whose very purpose is just to bully people off the platform that don’t agree with them. And that’s exactly what happened to this woman.

men are allowed to say no to sex

A small Twitter profile, witchdrums1993, dared to tweet “men are allowed to say no to sex just like women are” this weekend. She didn’t mention anyone or use any hashtags still tens of thousands of activists found her tweet and harassed the woman, her friends, and family until she had to make all of her profiles private.

She was flooded with messages calling her all kinds of nasty things: b*tch, wh*re, sl*t, and other very disgusting names.

“All men are r*pists,” one angry activist replied. “Women can’t r*pe men so your point is mute,” another added.

Twitter activist

In contrary to these claims, journalist Hanna Rosin sumarised the peer-reviewed that Steemple published in her article When Men Are Raped, that “for some kinds of victimization, men and women have roughly equal experiences.”

“Stemple is a longtime feminist who fully understands that men have historically used sexual violence to subjugate women and that in most countries they still do. As she sees it, feminism has fought long and hard to fight rape myths—that if a woman gets raped it’s somehow her fault, that she welcomed it in some way. But the same conversation needs to happen for men.”

men not allowed to consent

Regardless, the woman was bombarded with hateful comments and messages, some going as far as to threatening to reveal sensitive information about her family and even killing her.

She had no choice but to make all of her social profiles private for the time being. Twitter has not responded or handed out any punishment for the people who harassed her.

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