xQc faces Twitch ban after harassing Lady Hope during NoPixel GTARP


“Big fat b*tch!” Felix “xQc” Lengyel faces serious Twitch ban for harassment following NoPixel GTARPG ban meltdown.

The popular French-Canadian Overwatch Twitch streamer known as Félix “xQc” Lengyel  has been banned again off the NoPixel Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay server again. But now the ban might extend to Twitch for violating their harassment and hateful conduct policy.

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xQc is known for being a little bit off a hothead, it is one of the reasons why so many people enjoy his content. Thousands of clips of him yelling and slamming his desk after losing in games have trended on the popular Twitch subreddit Livestreamfail. But now the very community who love his outrageous behaviour are concerned he might have gone too far.

No. Félix “xQc” Lengyel hasn’t done anything wrong, but a lot of his fans believe he’s acting like a child who doesn’t know how to play with other kids, especially when it comes to roleplaying. xQc plays by his own rules on the NoPixel GTARPG server and it has pissed a lot of his friends off. The 25-year-old influencer was previously banned of the popular roleplaying server for his trolling and his Gung ho shoot-on-sight roleplay.

In a nutshell, his roleplay tactics would usually end up with dead cops. He would kill cops for as little as a speeding ticket. Although his fans enjoyed his gameplay, those who he played with, including former friends, did not.

His first ban kicked off drama in the Twitch community and it almost cost him his friendship with his close friend Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker. Despite throwing fits, leaking private messages, and calling him a clout chaser, Hasan still stood behind xQc. He was also one of the key reasons why his NoPixel GTARPG ban was lifted.

“I [defended him] because [he was] not doing something indispensable,” Hasan claimed.

“It’s not because I want him to return the favour. It’s not because I’m f**king clout chasing. The only times that xQc and I have f**king collaborated in the past six months was when he came to me during politics season.”

“Outside of that, we used to play games together, which is probably the reason why I falsely and perhaps inappropriately assumed that we were friends.”

xQc later apologised to Hasan and the NoPixel GTARP community and was unbanned, but it didn’t last long.

Why was xQc banned from NoPixel GTARP?

It’s a long story… but here is kind of the TL;DR for it thanks to Reddit user Ralphieman.

“Went to jail for 100 something months and parole for 200 for killing 2 cops after he killed a GSF member who had killed Judd then cops came in guns blazing. After he got out he went back to pd to get his lockpicks back which he did then proceeded to lockpick the car he and Judd drove there to see if they worked. Cops thought he was stealing the car, he drove away on a suspended license which triggered his parole and eventually after some court bs he was sent in again for 199 months lol.”

So, in a nutshell, he’s killing cops again. His previous ban was for a similar reason too. Outrageous over-the-top roleplay. But, according to our sources, this wasn’t the reason he got banned. It was because he lashed out at fellow Twitch streamer Lady Hope and now xQc faces a Twitch ban too.

After receiving the sentencing xQc repeatedly called Emma Guyan, Twitch streamer called Lady Hope who also roleplays a cop on NoPixel, a “big fat ass b*tch”.

He also encouraged his fans to go and call her out for her ‘terrible roleplay’ on her Twitch channel which they did.

chat hop

Lady Hope is a relatively small Twitch streamer. She is only an affiliate with several thousand of subscribers whereas xQc has 8.1 million followers and had 90k viewers when this happened. Her Twitch chat was bombarded with hateful messages and she couldn’t keep up with them. It even bled through to Twitter, she now had to make her profile private.

Twitch to ban/suspend xQc for harassment

Twitch staff are seriously considering banning — or at the very least suspending — Félix Lengyel’s xQcOW Twitch channel for violating their harassment policy after he harassed Lady Hope.

Twitch’s new hateful conduct and harassment policy only took effect on January 21st, 2021. The new policy clearly states that harassment encompasses targeted attacks through attention seeking behaviours that are designed to disrupt, harm and or hijack a community or stream. People experience harassment in many ways, including personal attacks, promotion of physical harm, and malicious brigading.

“We do not allow harassment on Twitch and will take action to remove it from our service,” Twitch declares on their official site.

A clip shows xQc defending and evening encouraging the act of “chat hopping”. In this case the 25-year-old Twitch streamer former Overwatch pro was talking about calling Emma “Lady Hope” Guyan out for jailing him for 3 real life hours and accusing her of “meta gaming” and calling her a “big fat b*tch”.

A source close to Twitch has told us that a member of Twitch Safety Advisory Counsel is currently reviewing xQc’s actions under the existing guidelines. It is very likely that xQc is facing a serious ban for harassing Lady Hope.

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