YouTube banned Brittany Venti for reading a book on livestream


Brittany Venti was hit with a second strike on her YouTube channel for a livestream where she silently read a book. Could be banned.

YouTube has changed a lot in the past few years and content creators feel themselves being unfairly targeted by the company. However, there seems to be a strong bias when it comes to who YouTube decide to punish.

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The 21-year-old entertainer and online provocateur has often times found herself in the centre of controversy. She started her online career by trolling her Twitch viewers by pretending to be and over emotional and ditsy girl.

She later advanced to doing over-the-top comedy scenes that tested the boundaries of Twitch’s Terms of Service. Some of her livestreams would be considered highly offensive by certain communities, and as a result her channel was permanently banned from Twitch.

The Twitch ban, however, did not discourage Brittany Venti from doing what she loves doing online. Her non-apologetic demeanour and controversial takes made her even more popular.

Conservative YouTuber in MAGA cap

YouTube banned Brittany Venti for reading a book on livestream. Is she too conservative?

Since then Venti has continued trolling people on Twitter and on YouTube, but she’s now discovering that she may not exactly be welcome on either platform.

Venti was shadow banned on Twitter for her hot takes, and recently received two strikes on YouTube for being ‘dangerous’ on YouTube.

YouTube banned Brittany Venti! Her warning has been escalated to a second strike.

She was hit with her second strike during a livestream entitled ‘A Stream That Violates NO RULES’ where she silently read a book while her microphone was muted. According to Team YouTube, this stream was removed because it was both ‘harmful and dangerous’.

Brittany’s fans lashed out Team YouTube.

It is, though, important to note that the book that Brittany Venti was silently reading to herself was “How To Be Black,” written by American comedian Baratunde Thurston.

The book itself is described by the author as being a comedic memoir that looks at his ‘coming of blackness’.

Brittany Venti’s livestream was a subtle dig at the outrage culture that surrounds the use of N-word. She has, on occasion, discussed how reputable and respected people have been completely cancelled for accidentally letting the word slip in moments of anger, yet the word is repeatedly screamed at us in popular rap and hip-hop music that is constantly played on mainstream family friendly radio.

This was made obvious by the sign behind her that read, “N-Word Pass.”

Young baby Brittany Venti and her mother

Banned YouTuber Brittany Venti with her mother. Baby photo proves she’s black.

Brittany Venti shared a picture of her young self with her mother to prove that she is, in fact, black. YouTube still rejected her appeal.

Brittany Venti, herself, is a black woman and has even been the target of racist harassment by her critics. Not only has she received racist comments about her hair, but about her appearance too. Although YouTube are seemingly cracking down on jokes about other people’s appearance, an abundance of videos exist on YouTube making fun of her appearance, yet none of them, according to YouTube, violate their “Community Guidelines.”

So, a video of a black girl reading a book about being black with a card jokingly saying “N-word pass” is somehow harmful and dangerous? Could it possibly be that Venti is being targeted because she’s an outspoken conservative?

Regardless, she received a strike against her channel and her video was deleted despite her not actually breaking any of YouTube’s rules.

Is YouTube setting a dangerous precedent by banning Venti for silently reading a book on their platform or do you think their actions are justified? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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