YouTube destroys Isaac Butterfield net worth by demonetising his videos


The Aussie social commentator and comedian discussed his net worth and YouTube earnings in his last video, and he’s not happy.

There’s been a bit of speculation as to how much the 26-year-old YouTuber makes and since he has one of the most subbed, if not the quickest growing, Australian YouTube channels you’d expect it to be quite a lot. The comedian has also made Aussie headlines and appeared on international talk shows for, what some people may consider, his controversial rants. So, you’d assume that with his celebrity status, Isaac Butterfield should be living comfortably in the millions.

Did you know?

Isaac Butterfield is demonetised on YouTube. “According to Social Blade I make anywhere between $35,000 to $500,000 from YouTube alone,” Isaac Butterfield revealed in his latest YouTube video. “I wish that was true, I really do, but it’s not the case, all of my content is demonetised.”

Despite being a bit edgy, Butterfield’s views on social events are on par with most Aussies and, by most, are not considered offensive. The confrontational comedian has previously been banned from Facebook for alleged racism and hate for making a video that pokes fun at New Zealanders.

Butterfield has also been very vocal against radical far left ideaologies but usually tackles them in comedic fashion, but in doing so, although extensively denying it, has been labelled a right-winger by legacy media.

Being labeled right-winger is a monetary death sentence on YouTube

The second that comedian criticised far leftist ideals such as fat pride, child drag queens, and man-hating feminism, he got labelled alt-right and ultimately had his channel demonetised on YouTube.

Isaac Butterfield discusses net worth and being demonetised in YouTube video.

His just one of thousands of YouTubers who have been demonetised after wrongfully being labeled right-wing for not agreeing with every single leftist policy.

Isaac Butterfield makes living through merchandise

Although Isaac Buttefield is not exactly in financial strife he still needs to sell a lot of merch to make ends meet despite having 1.2 million subscribers and getting hundreds of thousands of views per video. So, if you are a fan of his work and want to support him you should definitely take a look at his gear and see if there’s anything you fancy and maybe splurge a bit (there’s currently a 20-50% discount).

Additionally you can support the creator by catching him on his “Why So Serious?” world tour; tickets are on sale on his official website. Buy and help boost the Isaac Butterfield net worth.

Do you think YouTube should restore monetisation to Isaac Butterfield’s channel? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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