Jessika Power lets her nip slip on Instagram


Former MAFS participant turned Instagram influencer, Jessika Power, had a bit of an internet oopsie and let her nip slip in an online video.

Jessika Power was dubbed the queen of controversy in the last season of Married at First Sight. First there was her affair with another MAFS participant, Dan Webb. Then it came to light that she had a secret boyfriend at home during the show.

Now, Jessika Power is at the center of controversy yet again with her raunchy Instagram posts – and this time she actually let her nip slip.

It’s not like Jessika Power is a particularly shy person. Apart from her delicates we’ve almost seen every single part of her natural – and, uhm, not so natural – body.


Jessika Power has shown some level of modesty in her latest Instagram video. It is not like she is completely nude. She did make an attempt to cover up her nubbins but unfortunately her limited understanding of “the interweb” and “computer stuff and things” lead to the grand reveal of her sensitive chest raisin.

Jessika Power thought she could pull a fast one us, literally. You catch a glimpse of her cheeky grin the second it happens and you know she’s thinking, “I am just going to speed this up anyway, so they won’t see it.” Well, Ms. Power, once you post something on the internet it is available to anyone and weirdos like me will use basic technology like screen-shot to see if they can capture the Kodak moment. And Huzzah! I nailed it.

Jessika Powers accidentally exposes her nipple in an Instagram video | Sausage Roll
Censored for your protection.

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