Joe Rogan cancelled after saying he’d rather vote for Trump than Biden


Joe Rogan, who previously endorsed Bernie Sanders as president, announced that he will be voting for Trump, not Biden, on his podcast and people are outraged.

After having officially endorsed Bernie Sanders, Joe Rogan has found himself in a bit of a tight spot seeing his campaign snuffed out by the Democratic National Committee.

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Joe Rogan was all-in for socialist candidate Bernie Sanders after he appeared on his podcast last year. Unfortunately, for Joe Rogan, Bernie’s campaign was snuffed out by the DNC and many celebrities are now endorsing Joe Biden for the 2020 presidential election, and Rogan is not happy with that.

On his last podcast Rogan expressed how he is not happy with the way that the DNC stabbed Sanders in the back and forced Biden to be the main democratic nominee. Rogan also discussed how he believes that Joe Biden is clearly not fit to run the country.

Joe Rogan with Alex Jones

Joe Rogan cancelled: Hosted Alex Jones, said he’d vote Trump and supported Project Veritas.

“They’ve essentially made us all morons,” Rogan said about the DNC in his podcast. “I can’t vote for Biden, I’d rather vote for Trump than him.”

Joe Rogan’s main concerns was with Biden’s seemingly decaying mental state. The 77-year-old presidential candidate, on many occasions, has been caught losing his track of thought, slurring and mixing up his words, and even going off on unrelated tangents.

It had become so bad that one of the most viral memes this year so far is making fun of his campaign: “I’m Joe Biden, and I forgot this message.”

Joe Biden Forgot This Message

Joe Rogan cancelled after saying he’d rather vote for Trump than Bernie.

After Joe Rogan said that he’d rather vote for Donald Trump instead of Joe Rogan, Twitter has gone off the rails and now people are demanding that YouTube and Twitter de-platform him.

But it’s not only his comments about Biden vs. Trump that has democrats losing their temper.

In the same podcast Joe Rogan praised investigative journalist James O’Keefe and his news publication Project Veritas for being one of the last bastions for real investigative journalism and news.

“They say things that should be outrageous to anybody that believes in objective reality, but people just dismiss it and call it bullsh*t because it’s Project Veritas.”

Despite the call out by the leftist community to cancel, unfollow, and de-platform Joe Biden, his channel has seen growth. That is possibly due to the fact that the majority of his viewers are libertarian/centrists.

This is not the first time that democratic voters have called for a de-platforming of the popular podcaster. Joe Rogan has hosted many people, with varying political ideologies, on his podcast. Among some of, what the let consider, the more controversial people are Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, and Jordan Peterson.

Are people over reacting about Joe Rogan’s pro-Trump comments? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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