Joker smashes Spider-Man and Deadpool at box office


Joker has reached 1 billion dollar mark on the worldwide box office after just two weeks, overtaking two of the most popular Marvel superhero movies.

It seems as though the fear mongering did nothing but boost Joker’s popularity. There has been no violence at any Joker screenings, just people enjoying an amazing movie. Instead, Joker beat Deadpool as highest grossing R-rated movie. Perhaps the scare tactic helped boost Joker?

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Joker is the first film in Warner Brother’s DC Dark cinematic universe (DCDCU). It is not your conventional comic book movie; many are comparing it to classic Scorsese films like Taxi Driver and King of Comedy. Martin Scorsese himself was originally rumoured to be producing the Joker movie but according to the Hollywood Reporter, Scorsese quietly left the comic book-based film, and his producing partner, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, took over Joker producing duties and rolled over most of the crew from Irishman to work on Joker. However, Scorsese absolutely loved the fresh take on the classic comic book villain.

It was really Joaquin Phoenix’s performance of Arthur Fleck as the Joker that carried the — otherwise very slow — DC Dark super villain movie. According to Hollywood insiders, Phoenix is nominated for the Best Male Lead Oscar and is a shoe in for the award.

Spider-Man Far From Home | Sausage Roll
Joker smashes Spider-Man at box office.

After just two weeks Joker has earned over 1 billion USD at the worldwide box office officially making it the highest grossing R-Rated film in the history of cinema. Deadpool 2, although praised by fans and critics, only pulled in USD$800 mill in its entire box office lifespan. Considering Deadpool 2’s budget was USD$150 mill, it made a profit of USD$650 mill. At this point, Joker is even projected to out-perform Spider-Man: Far From Home at the box office which pulled in a whopping USD$1.1 billion worldwide.

The entire budget of Joker was a measly USD$50 mill which is nothing for a blockbuster movie, especially when you consider that Tommy Wiseau’s The Room had a budget of USD$6 mill.

Joker: Deadpool no longer highest grossing R-rated movie

Joker smashes Spider-Man and Deadpool at the box office. It is only about half-way through its cinema lifespan and will most likely be screen for at least two more weeks. So, if you haven’t seen it already go check it out. If you are unsure whether you want to see it you can read our raving review (Phoenix gives an Oscar winning performance). If you have seen it, why not go see it again? I’ve seen it twice. How many times have you seen the Joker at the cinemas? Leave your comments below (if Facebook works)

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