Kelly Rowland cheating robbed Elsa Clement and Denzel

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Boy George was well within his rights to put Kelly Rowland in her place for almost sabotaging Elsa Clement’s and Denzel’s chances by cheating on The Voice.

Last night we saw one of the most awkward moments to ever go down in the history of The Voice Australia. Kelly made Elsa Clement and Amanuael Vissor seem like amateurs in comparison by giving Denzel (aka Akuma) a huge advantage. She allowed him to perform an original.

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Elsa and Amanuael both felt robbed but spared Kelly’s feelings by denying it when the confrontation kicked off. Boy George stated that the rest of contestants had an unfair advantage. He then went on to say that it was obvious who would go through. It was painful to watch two talented performers who deserve to be on the show have to justify Kelly’s choice. They had to wrongfully admit that they just weren’t as deserving as Denzel of Kelly’s spot in front of shocked fans.

Kelly Rowland cheating on The Voce | Sausage Roll

Kelly Rowland cheating others

Kelly Rowland’s knock-out blunder nearly sent one of the shows most talented singers packing last night. Elsa Clement may not be a rapper but her versatile skill-set can rival even the most seasoned rhythmical word-smiths.

Although Beyonce’s Run The World was a great song choice for Elsa Clement, she was still at a major disadvantage. Denzel’s infinitely more familiar, comfortable, and connected to his own songs. As any artist performing their own song would be.

Sure, not every singer is a song-writer. There are many world famous singers out there that have producers who write songs for them. And the phrase “for them” is key. Song-writers work closely with the singers to create songs that the they can connect with, inject their own feelings into, and ultimately make their own. When it comes the finals, this is exactly what happens.

Denzel’s starts a revolution!

Regardless, Kelly may have also diminished Denzel’s chances of winning The Voice Australia. His original was golden and he absolutely slayed it. You would not be wrong to consider his performance last night finals-worthy, because it was… but that’s not inherently a good thing. Cheating aside, playing your best cards so early is showing your hand and that’s a terrible strategy in any game because, when push comes to shove and Denzel must compete against the best of the best, his act may come across as repetitive or redundant, especially if it doesn’t live up to last night’s performance.

Let me hit you with the facts; the government’s not governing and you still pay the tax.

Fortunately, Elsa Clement did not go home last night. Kelly and Guy used their saves and Elsa made the right choice by picking Guy Sebastian. Kelly has shown us all that her head is just not in it this season. One terrible choice after the other; guilting contestants into joining her team, making world class singers sing children’s songs, saving the only man who botched his performance and, finally, allowing Denzel to perform an original in the knock-out rounds. Oh, Kelly, we love you but you are a train-wreck this season.

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