Konami confirms that Abandoned is new Silent Hill game


The official Konami Shop accidentally prematurely confirmed that PlayStation/BLUE BOX new survival horror game “Abandoned” is Silent Hill on social media.

“Something big is coming soon…” The official Instagram of the Konami Shop accidentally revealed that Sony’s strange photo realistic survival-horror PlayStation 5 exclusive “Abandoned” is actually a new Silent Hill game.

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Dubious, unheard of, supposed game developer BLUE BOX Game Studios set the internet on fire when they tweeted about their mysterious survival-horror game codenamed “Abandoned.” Nobody had any idea who the studio was or what their strange “Abandoned” trailer was all about, but when they teased players that it might be Silent Hill, they exploded in popularity.

“Guess the name of the game: It starts with and S, and ends with and L,” the studio tweeted shortly before announcing a special PlayStation 5 interactive trailer app for their upcoming game. People immediately thought the game was Silent Hill due to old rumours that Konami had outsourced development to another studio.

Also, the antics behind the reveal reminded people of Hideo Kojima’s past publicity stunts. When Kojima announced Metal Gear Solid 5, he created a fake development studio called Moby Dick Games and announced an indie game called “The Phantom Pain” which had “big flying whales on fire.”

Hideo Kojima Hasan Karahman

Kojima also disguised himself in bandages and pretended to be the CEO of that company called Joakim Mogren; the first name being an anagram for Kojima.

Hideo also did a similar thing for the now abandoned Silent Hills remake in 2014 by releasing a PlayStation 4 app known as P.T. (later confirmed to be Playable Teaser) that worked as a teaser reveal for the reboot starring Norman Reedus. Now, people whole heartedly believe that the “Abandoned: Trailer” PlayStation 5 exclusive app is, in fact, a teaser for the upcoming Silent Hill reboot.

There’s also a bunch of evidence that hints that the BLUE BOX Game Studios CEO, Hasan Karahman, is actually Hideo Kojima, and it goes beyond just that Karahman translated from Turkish to Japanese is Hideo. But fans can stop theorising now because Konami accidently let the cat out of the bag a bit too early.

Silent Hill PS5

In the midst of the BLUE BOX Game Studios and Silent Hill chaos, Konami decided to fuel the fire by randomly tweeting the sound clip from the Silent Hill 2 siren. Instead of denying that there’s a new on the way, the official Twitter account said that if there’s an announcement it would made by the official Silent Hill Twitter account. Wait, there is an official Twitter account for Silent Hill? Yep. And it was only created late last year. Even though it is verified, at the time that Konami tweeted this it only had several thousand of followers.

KONAMI Instagram Abandoned

Moving on. Konami started teasing fresh Silent Hill merchandise on their Twitter and redirected people to the official Instagram page where they posted “Something big is coming soon…” Thousands and thousands of people commented with Silent Hill hype and, out of the blue (pun not intended), the official shop pinned two comments, one of them saying “Abandoned is Silent Hill.”

After a few hours Konami unpinned the comments and have no made a comment yet. Nor have they made an official announcement denying the connection between Kojima, Sony, Konami and Silent Hill.

This happened shortly after an insider revealed that PlayStation Studios had made a deal with Konami to bring Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania exclusively to the PlayStation with Hideo Kojima as a “third party.”

So, there you have it. Konami have officially confirmed that PlayStation/BLUE BOX Game Studios upcoming survival-horror game “Abandoned” is actually a Silent Hill reboot.

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