Landon Clifford, YouTube star, committed suicide, teen wife reveals


Camryn Clifford opened up about Landon’s death in a heart-wrenching video called ‘My Husband Passed Away. Telling His Story.”

Last week Camryn Clifford (formrerly Camryn Turner) announced that her husband, and the father of her two adorable children, has passed after suffering from brain damage. This weekend she revealed that he took his own life.

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Camryn, teen mum and popular YouTuber known for Cam&Fam, opened up about her relationship with the father her of her children in an incredibly heart-breaking YouTube video.

After taking a long break from YouTube she came back to tragically announce the death of her husband, Landon Clifford.

Camryn Turner discusses Landon Clifford suicide in heartbreaking video.

Up until a few days ago, the real cause of his death were kept private, but Camryn revealed that Landon Clifford committed suicide by hanging himself.

Camryn goes into detail talking about their relationship revealing that Landon had severe anxiety and depression issues which he would barely ever talk about, even with his family and friends.

Landon was addicted to prescription drugs.

Landon went to the doctor to get prescriptions for his mental health. He was given both anxiety drugs and anti-depressants and told to take them as needed.

“It was a vicious cycle,” Camryn described Landon’s drug abuse situation. Camryn said she was a bit concerned that the doctor prescribed him so many drugs to take at the same time, but dismissed her concerns because she believed the doctor knew what they were doing.

Cam&Fam together

Cam&Fam teen couple Landon Clifford with wife Camryn Turner and daughter Collette.

The YouTube couple later took a break and decided to spend time with their families while working on their mental health. Camryn believed that things were getting better, but the toll of the prescription drugs had already taken affect.

“I walked into the garage and saw him hanging,” Camryn told her fans, visible distraught.

“I got a knife and cut him down.”

In the 36-minute long video Camryn Clifford talks about how she discovered her husband hanging in the garage.

Just moments before he took his own life, Landon apologised to Camryn for all the heartache and grief he caused her during her pregnancy.

“We’re better now, we’re on a different path,” she told him, honestly believing that things were about to change for the better.

Young Ms. Turner YouTube star

Cam&Fam YouTube star Camryn Turner talks about husband’s, Landon Clifford, suicide in “My Husband Passed Away | His Story.”

Landon then said he was going to take a bath, something that Camryn says he does every night, before hopping into bed. But Camryn started to worry when a few hours had passed and her husband had not yet come to bed.

“I go to the bathroom but the bath was empty. It didn’t even look like he had a bath … So I checked all the rooms … I checked everywhere, and then…,” Camryn falls to pieces as she recounts the moment she discovered her husbands lifeless body hanging.

“I went into the garage, and when I opened the garage I saw that he had hung himself, and he didn’t look alive.”

She said that he looked very pale, “I knew at that moment that he was gone. There is no words to describe how I felt at that time. Very few people will ever understand.”

Camryn said she ran into the the kitchen to get a knife to cut down her husband.

“I blame myself.”

Camryn regrets not checking on Landon Clifford soon enough.

“If I would have got up and checked up him a little bit sooner maybe he would have been OK,” she said.

She was terrified that Landon’s family would hate her, but despite this, she was the first to call them because she knew they were the furthest away.

“I wish I could go back to when there was hope.”

Cam said that the doctors were very careful when discussing Landon’s condition. They would refrain from using words that might inspire false hope.

At one point Cam believed that Landon was recovering when he briefly opened his eyes for a moment. Sadly, the doctors revealed that that was just random neurons firing in his brain causing his body to react. In their words, “it was not Landon.”

“At that point I just knew,” she said.

Camryn, Landon and daughter

Cam&Fam teen couple Landon and Camryn Clifford with their newborn daughter Delilah Rose/

“When I found him, he was dead. You don’t really come back from that. After your brain goes so long without oxygen… I knew that he was gone.”

Landon Clifford was an organ donor.

Although this story has a tragic ending, some people might take comfort in knowing his death was not for nothing.

Landon — who his wife described as being loving, compassionate, and giving — was an organ donor, and his contributions helped save other lives.

The family, including Camryn Clifford, got to see Landon one last time and it was the day before his organs would be harvested and donated to patients who needed them.

Fans of the teenage parents set up GoFundMe campaigns to help pay for Landon’s medical expenses and funeral costs. They have currently raised more than $33,000USD since Sunday.

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