Machete fight breaks out at Frozen 2 screening, 13-year-old girl arrested


A 100 man brawl involving young teenagers armed with machetes broke out during a screening of Frozen 2 in Birmingham, UK. Police suspect gang violence.

The mainstream media manufactured hysteria around the release of Joker last month promising that angry white incels may relate to the film and use the opportunity to target unsuspecting movie goers. Despite the fear mongering no violence erupted during any screenings. The same cannot be said for Frozen 2.

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Birmingham, UK — A 13-year-old girl is one of five teenagers arrested for mass brawl involving youths armed with machetes at a cinema in Great Britain.

Families were lucky to escape the machete fight after Frozen 2 violence erupted.

Many families attended Star City’s afternoon screening of Frozen 2 on Saturday. Children as young as four were excitedly watching their favourite Disney princess when the disorder broke out, leading a complete evacuation of the entire complex.

According to police the “major disorder” involved approximately 100 teenagers were involved, and some were armed with machetes.

Video footage shows aftermath of Frozen 2 violence.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said, “dozens of officers were sent to the complex after a 999 call just after 5.30pm reporting a group of youths with machetes.”

“Two machetes were seized during the trouble, which saw pockets of fighting and seven police officers left with minor injuries as they dealt with the crowds in and around the cinema.”

Armed youths attacked law enforcers

When armed police officers arrived at the scene they reported that they were met with a “very hostile response” and they were forced to use Tasers to restrain some the young teenagers.

One teen tried to strike an officer in the face with a machete and he was left with facial injuries. After locking down the are police recovered multiple weapons that were hidden around the place including a knife that was recovered from a nearby roundabout.

Investigators suspect gang violence

Who brings a machete to a a Frozen 2 screening? Investigators told the press that they were still working to understand the motive behind the brawl, but suspect that some of the teens may belong to radicalised religious gangs.

The aggressors seemed to have no clear target and even attacked a young boy and his mother who were trying to enjoy the movie. A witness claimed that he saw the injured young boy crying on the floor with his mother.

The brawl only escalated when law enforcement arrived and police dogs had to be deployed.

Choleigh McGuire, an eyewitness, told BBC News that she was in line to see Frozen 2 with her young daughter when the first attack happened.

“There was a fight in the cinema … group of girls on one girl and it all escalated,” McGuire Tweeted. “The group ran into the cinema rooms to hide and a lot of police turned up. Has to be one of the scariest experiences of my life, so sad all the little children were there.”

Five arrested

Five teenagers were arrested following Saturday’s brawl; A 13-year-old girl, 14 year-old girl and boy, and 19-year-old. The aforementioned suspects were held on suspicion of assaulting police officers.

Later yet another young 14 year old boy was arrested for obstructing police.

14-year-old boy attacks police at Frozen 2 screening
13-year-old girl arrested and complex closed after Frozen 2 Birmingham violence.

The Star City cinema managers shut down the entire complex for the remainder of the evening as police issued a dispersal order.

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