MAFS 2020 shock twist could be that Hayley Vernon is a transgender bride


UPDATE: Haley Vernon is clearly not transgender but she allegedly has a big surprise up her sleeve this season.

Channel 9 have promised viewers a ‘big surprise’ for this year’s Married at First Sight and many people think they’ve figured it out; Hayley is transgender.

Last year rumours started to spread that Channel 9 were looking to cast a transgender bride for Married at First Sight (MAFS 2020) and now that the cast has been revealed people believe they know which bride it is.

Did you know?

The Daily Mail reported that sources close to production claimed that Channel 9 were looking to cast a transgender bride for the upcoming season. This was later confirmed by the MAFS application form which had an option for transgender people.

The form reads: ‘Please advise the type of person you are seeking to be matched with, for example, someone from the opposite sex, same sex or transgender/intersex/other’.

Applications that ticked all boxes were reportedly fast tracked through Channel 9’s casting process.

Now that the cast of MAFS 2020 has been revealed people think they know who the transgender bride is.

Is Hayley Vernon transgender?

Hayley Vernon is a finance broker and a fitness freak. She is described to be “feisty” and her appearance on the show is guaranteed to bring lots of drama. But it is her stunningly strong, defined, and chiselled features that have people assuming that she might, in fact, be transgender.

MAFS 2020: Is Hayley Vernon transgender?

MAFS 2020: Is Hayley Vernon transgender? (debunked)

Since the MAFS 2020 cast was revleaded Hayley has actually deleted her Instagram profile, and she is the only contestant to do so. The rest of the cast have had to set their socials to private while the show airs on Australia’s channel 9 network.

Is Stacey Hampton transgender?

While most people are convinced that Hayley is the transgender bride in MAFS 2020, others believe it might be Stacey Hampton. Stacey Hampton is set to be the star of this season a la Jessika Power.

MAFS 2020: Is Stacey Hampton transgender?

MAFS 2020: Is Stacey Hampton transgender? No. Just massive lip fillers.

That would be a huge twist considering Stacey is the mother of two boys. Perhaps they could be adopted, who knows.

Either way, this season of Married at First Sight promises to be even more shocking than the last, and it will be even more amazing if the show does feature transgender brides; there’s nothing wrong if the contestants have already giving consent to dating women of diversity.

HOWEVER there’s a good chance that a lot of the men just ticked yes for dating transgender women to double their chances on getting on the show which means, if there are transgender brides this season, they will have their hearts broken… and that’s terrible!

What are your thoughts on transgender brides in Married at First Sight? Let us know in the comments below.

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