Modern Warfare crossplay multiplayer ruined by this device


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a cross platform mutliplayer, but fans shouldn’t worry about that. They should worry about this device, it will ruin crossplay multiplayer for everyone.

A lot of people prefer to game on their consoles because of the casual comforts. You can get comfy on your couch and play with a controller knowing that your not playing at a disadvantage. PC gaming, on the other hand, is a little different; obviously the person with the better hardware is going to have somewhat of an advantage in online gaming.

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Console gaming brings certain luxury with it that PCs just cannot provide today, but it comes at a premium price. People need to fork out at least AUD$10 a month to be able to play their favourite online games, but that premium guarantees the user a balanced, and exploit free, online experience… or so we thought.

There’s a rather cheap peripheral anyone can buy from Amazon and, to this day, it is undetected. What this software allows you to do is play with a keyboard and mouse on games that do not support it. This gives you a huge advantage over any poor soul that is just trying to enjoy some a casual game on console multiplayer.

Modern Warfare map | Sausage Roll
Modern Warfare multiplayer ruined.

If you have ever tried playing a game that relies on accuracy with a controller against somebody using a keyboard and mouse you will have felt just how massive the difference is. A keyboard and mouse unlocks an arsenal of movements that would otherwise be impossible with your standard licensed console controller and, additionally, allows the player to react almost 10 times as fast as someone that uses a controller. And that’s not even mentioning the added accuracy of using a mouse.

Now this wouldn’t be much of an issue if PlayStation and Xbox had done something to try and ban this peripherals, but they’ve been available for awhile and are becoming increasingly popular. You will notice that 1 in the 3 games will have someone using a similar device.

How to spot a cheater

It is not too difficult to spot someone using a keyboard and mouse, we’ve all know the drawbacks of using a controller so if your opponent isn’t effected by them they are most likely cheating.

  • There is no acceleration in aim.
  • Movement is snappy.
  • Quick jump reaction.
  • Steady aim while jumping.
  • Improved tracking and accuracy.

This device will ruin Modern Warfare Crossplay

This is going to be an even bigger problem when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches.

Modern Warfare (Modern Warfare crossplay multiplayer) is a crossplay game meaning that you can party up with friends on Xbox, PlayStation or even PC. Naturally we will have controller players and keyboard and mouse players going head-to-head — but here is the difference: console players have something called aim assist and target assist, this levels the playing fields between the two sides.

COD:MW vehicle game-play | Sausage Roll
Modern Warfare crossplay multiplayer

Currently, this keyboard and mouse peripheral is completely undetected by PlayStation and Xbox because, what it essentially does is, it fools the console into thinking the player using a controller still granting them access to aim assist and target assist giving them a huge advantage even over PC players.

This device also works on PC but PC gamers have had no reason to buy it, until today. It simulates a controller while giving the added bonus of aim and target assist; not only will these gamers have a massive advantage against other keyboard and mouse players, but they will be matched up against players who are using ordinary controllers.

Something needs to be done about this and, preferably, before Modern Warfare launches on October 25th. Otherwise we can say goodbye to what seems to be a very promising online shooter because Modern Warfare multiplayer will be ruined.

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