Modern Warfare proves you don’t need big maps and vehicles


The Modern Warfare 2v2 alpha just ended and people are already having withdrawals. Modern Warfare proves you don’t need big maps and vehicles to have an awesome time.

Activision announced that the MW 2v2 alpha would launch exclusively on the PlayStation on the 23rd of August. The announcement was a pleasant surprise especially after news broke that their was trouble at headquarters; Sledgerhammer had allegedly botched their game which resulted in Activision pulling the plug.

Did you know?

The Modern Warfare 2v2 alpha may be pretty bare-boned; limited weapons, small weapons, no vehicles and only 4 player online mutliplayer, but it is still one of the greatest first-person shooter games out there. It’s a game that reminds us that the most important element of any game is the mechanics. Modern Warfare has some of the best mechanics we’ve seen in a first-person shooter. The guns feel authentic, the movement is smooth and kills feel rewarding.

Modern Warfare proves to be amazing

The 2v2 mode will probably be the games’s most played feature. The maps available in the alpha are top notch; it feels like you are playing airsoft skirmish with your buddies. For the Aussie’s who have never had the privilege of playing airsoft skirmish, you can check the video out below.

Modern Warfare 2v2 reminds us a little of Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64 in the way that it is highly immersive and focused. Unlike a lot of first-person shooter games, CoD:MW hones in on the gun play, making every match feel like that critical moment when your next move could mean winning and losing.

For those who missed the alpha, don’t fret, the open beta should launch on Xbox and PlayStation mid September, and this time, trust us, you are not going to want to miss out.

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