3-year-old boy’s gender questioned because he loves Frozen 2


Contributing author at Mamamia, Rani Kumar, wrote an Op-Ed about how her son’s obsession with Frozen 2 and how it has many questioning his gender.

Rani Kumar told Mamamia that people think that it is cute but concerning that her 3-year-old son loves Frozen 2. Claims people think he’s ‘girly’ as the 3-year-old boy’s gender comes to question.

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There seems to be some kind of stigma and blatant sexism when it comes to boys liking girl things, Rani claims. “Imagine a four-year-old girl dressing up as Captain America for superhero day at her daycare – how adorable!

“Now imagine a 4-year-old boy dressing for the same event as Wonder Woman. It’s cute but… there’s a “but” for most people.”

3-year-old boy’s gender questioned

Her Op-Ed titled “My 3 year old son is obsessed with Frozen, and that doesn’t sit well with everyone” was published late Sunday evening on the popular Australian tabloid news site Mamamia. In the article Rani addresses how boys are perceived when they enjoy ‘girly’ things and how the same stigma does not stand when the roles are reversed.

Rani Kumar, mamamia.com.au
Rani Kumar, feminist blogger at Mamamia

Rani explained the response most had when she revealed just how much her son loved Frozen shocked her. “Oh, it’s really cute he enjoyed that because it’s so girly!” and, “just let him be a boy! No, just kidding, it’s good he’s taking on your values.”

Little is known about Rani Kumar and what exactly her values are, but her stance on gender norms seems to suggest that she may be a proud identifying member of the LGBTQ community.

Away with heteronormativity, argues Kumar

Rani seems offended that her son was gendered as a male and uses the point that he loves Frozen so much to take on what she considers gender norms; boys liking boy things, girls liking girl things.

She is write though, there is more of a stigma for boys liking girl things, and although Rani argues against films being gendered, she also argues that her son shouldn’t be either.

Frozen 2 in cinemas now
Frozen 2: Boy’s gender question.

We are seeing boys as young as 6-years-old being forced to transition genders because they dare like girl things, so there is a lot of truth to what she is saying… but at the same time, as I previously mentioned, her message gets confused.

Gender inequity confusement

The author also brings up the #MeToo movement as an example of gender inequity and how boys should be conditioned to respect women from a young age and how disparaging them from exploring other elements of other gender is doing the exact opposite, yet her whole article she shows a perfect example of how boys are held to a different standard than girls and are treated unfairly.

There’s nothing wrong with boys liking boy things and girls liking girl things or vice versa, and we shouldn’t think too deeply about it, especially to the point where we begin to question their genders.

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