5 reasons why we won’t need to wait long for an Alita sequel


Worried that if we actually do get an Alita sequel that it won’t be for at least 10 years? Don’t be. Here’s why you can expect Fallen Angel much sooner!

More people are discovering James Cameron’s Alita: Battle Angel every day, and that means demand for the sequel is intensifying. However, certain mainstream presses allege that a sequel is unlikely and if it does happen you will have to wait for many, many years.

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One of the main talking about a potential Alita sequel delay is that James Cameron simply isn’t interested in making another film, at least for a good while. That’s a load of crock. Cameron purchased the film rights to Alita so he could give his daughter the greatest gift of all; a live action adaptation of her favourite manga. Alita has more of a personal connection to Cameron than any of his current work, yes, even Avatar.

Fans won’t need to wait as long for a sequel as Avatar stans did. Although the Fox acquisition significantly delayed Avatar 2, and also created murky waters around the production of Alita: Fallen Angel, we are still very confident that fans will be able to see her return to the big screen in the next three years.

Before we continue I need to give credit where credit is due. That awesome thumbnail comes from a meme that StarOfElyon posted on Twitter as a response to our last article.

Now, here are our 5 reasons why we won’t need to wait long for an Alita sequel.


Why we won’t need to wait long for an Alita sequel: Most demanded sequel.

A producers biggest goal is to make money. They often don’t care if the movie sucks as long as it brings in the cheese. There’s a great Broadway play about this that was later adapted into a film that everyone needs to see; it’s called The Producers, check it out.

Regardless, the demand for an Alita sequel is intensifying by the day. Regardless of Disney’s lack of plans to make a sequel — let alone confirm it — does not mean they won’t. They’ll cash in when the time is right.


Terminator: Dark Fate beaten by Alita: Battle Angel box office
Why we won’t need to wait long for an Alita sequel: Greenlight

A lot of people are worried that the film won’t be made, at least for awhile, because Disney hasn’t given the project a greenlight. Well, no shit Sherlock. Films generally aren’t greenlit until the studios involved are ready to take on production. James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment had two projects already in the pipeline after Alita: Battle Angel launched; Terminator: Dark Fate and Avatar 2.

No need to stress about the film not being greenlit. When Lightstorm Entertainment are ready to move on from their current endeavours they will most likely greenlight the sequel.


Alita2 groundwork sets built
Why we won’t need to wait long for an Alita sequel: Sets, props, and new characters done.

The most gruelling part of Alita’s production has already been completed. Most of the sets, character designs and props are done and some of them can be seen at The Alita Experience.

Additionally, John Landau also shared some models of Motorball players that we’ve never seen before. Did they perhaps plan ahead and try to get us much work out of the way so that when it came to a sequel that ‘battle ready’? I really think so. Surely James Cameron learned from his experience making Avatar and decided to streamline as much of his workflow as possible.


People not impressed with Rodriguez's new film, want Alita sequel
Why we won’t need to wait long for an Alita sequel: Alita: Fallen Angel & Alita: Avenging Angel planned.

When James Cameron initially approached Robert Rodriquez he handed him a 1,000 page document that outlined the entire story arch for a trilogy… and even beyond.

The creative writing and story-boarding process is currently what modern Hollywood film makers dread. “Oh no, I got to be original and come up with my own ideas? How about we just reboot some other franchise.” Yep, majority of screenwriters in Hollywood are suffering from some sort of writer’s block pandemic. But not only has Cameron already created the plot for two extra films, he has named them… Alita: Fallen AngelAlita: Avenging Angel!


Alita Army
Why we won’t need to wait long for an Alita sequel: The Alita Army

Need I say more? Well, I briefly wanted to touch upon how Alita: Battle Angel was far from a finical failure. It doubled its budget and is the most financially and critically successful manga film adaptation ever… but that is small fries compared the determination of the Alita Army.

I know the power of the Alita Army because I see numbers. There are a lot of people out there who are already Alita Army that don’t know they are, and they should totally follow them on Twitter. And after they’re done following them on Twitter they should totally follow us on Twitter and Facebook. But seriously, when it comes to Google search and page leads anything Alita usually dominates.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just a passerby, we know that people will click anything that has Alita’s name in it because they love the movie. We also know that the these fans are so dedicated that Disney won’t be able to ignore for too long. Heck, they might even end up funding the sequel themselves… they’ve already spent thousands in promotions!

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