#AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy banner flies of Oscars and the academy noticed


Thousands notice as a plane flies over the Dolby Theatre, LA, for 92nd Academy Awards and Disney Studios with a banner demanding an Alita: Battle Angel sequel.

UPDATE: Alita Army raising more money to thank pilot for flying banner through difficult weather.

I’ve never seen such devotion from a fan group. The campaign for an Alita sequel, literally, soars to new heights and the academy can’t ignore it.

Hands down, The Alita Army are the most delightful and charitable fans I’ve come across in my many years in the industry. Not only have they given away a bunch of awesome merch to new fans, but they donated thousands of dollars to a charity that helps amputees.

Did you know?

Last month the Alita Army created a fundraising campaign to fly a gigantic banner over the top of the Oscar Academy Awards and Disney Studios, and that campaign was successfully funded by fans in under 24 hours.

Even after meeting its target goal, people kept donating because ever extra dollar went directly to the Open Bionics charity which helps provide amputees with function bionic limbs.

But today was the day that the glorious #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy banner flew over the Oscars and it did not go unnoticed.

“If the academy won’t recognise Alita, we will make them,” one fan Tweeted with a footage of the banner soaring above the award ceremony Sunday evening.

Alita sequel in film purgatory

There are many theories as to why Disney have not talked Alita: Battle Angel since it premiered late January, 2019… but one of those certainly isn’t money. For a manga adaptation that released around the same time as Captain Marvel, the film pulled USD$409 worldwide making it a profitable film. Still, the Alita sequel remains in purgatory reportedly because of conflict of interest at Disney Studios.

“Don’t mention Alita’s name until we’ve concluded the Captain Marvel story,” an insider close to Disney/Marvel was heard saying. But whether Disney will cave into to the demands of hundred and thousands of worldwide and finally greenlight a sequel remains to be seen.

Rosa Salazar, Is Alita 2 really happening?

Alita at the Oscars: #AlitaSequel and #AlitaArmy banner soars.

Even Alita’s real life counterpart (and actress), Rosa Salazar, has joined the Alita Army in their quest for a sequel.

Are you a member of the Alita Army yet? All you gotta do is follow them on Twitter! You should also follow us, as well, of course.

Let us know why you love Alita: Battle Angel so much in the comments below. Hopefully one day we will really see Alita at the Oscars!

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