Amber Heard Aquaman 2 contract terminated for health & fitness reasons


Amber Heard has reportedly been fired as Mera from the upcoming Aquaman 2 movie for breaching her health clause in her contract.

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke will be replacing Amber Heard as Mera in the Aquaman sequel starring alongside Jason Mamoa. Although many people believe it may have something to do with her ongoing legal battle with her ex-husban Johnny Depp, our source claims that is not the case.

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Aquaman 2 is supposed to start filming later this year and Amber Heard had already signed on to reprise her role as Mera. However, the producers have recently had a change of heart and have had to promptly find a replacement for the actress.

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Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has been picked as a suitable replacement for Amber Heard’s Mera, and we’re totally behind it.

Emilia Clarke is the perfect Mera.

Emilia’s performance as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones was spectacular. I mean she commanded dragons and took over whole cities. Clarke showed such range in her role starting pretty much as a helpless sex slave and eventually turning into an unstoppable powerful queen. Mera needs the same fierceness.

Emilia Clarke is Mera
Emilia Clarke is the perfect Mera.

Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa also have incredibly onscreen chemistry. They starred together in the hit HBO show in the first season, so she really is the perfect replacement for Mera. We actually think she should have been first choice ahead of Heard.

Amber fired… sorta?

At first many believed that Warner Bros fired Amber Heard after Johnny Depp’s legal team unearthed damaging new evidence in regards to The Sun libel case that took place in the UK last year.

The new evidence intends to prove that Amber Heard committed perjury as a witness for NGN last year. The evidence has been forwarded to a judge in the UK Court of Appeals and an emergency hearing was set for the end of March.

Amber Heard fat
Amber Heard is too unfit and unhealthy to resume the role of Mera in the Aquaman sequel.

Despite the plethora of new evidence against Heard, WarnerMedia is still behind Amber Heard our source says. The reason why they are brining Emilia Clarke into production is actually because of Amber Heard health and fitness concerns.

“Amber Heard did not pass her physical examination. She’s put on some pounds and is in terrible shape. There is a clause in her contract which says she is required to be in good form ahead of shooting and she violated that,” our source told us.

Heard allegedly blamed Johnny Depp and COVID-19 for her deteriorating health, saying that she’s been under tremendous amount of stress and has been suffering from depression but she insists that she will get back in shape.

WarnerMedia were reportedly very understanding of the situation and still have Amber Heard on the side-line.

Amber Heard can still turn it around.

Although it unlikely that Amber Heard can get into shape before they start filming Aquaman 2, apparently the producers have said that she can have her role back if she shows progress and gets in peak physical form by then.

Heard no makeup
Amber Heard has been side-lined as Mera for health reasons as Emily Clarke is set to take over.

“Emilia Clarke has signed on for the film but she’s completely aware that Amber Heard is still not completely out. But WarnerMedia is also concerned that Heard’s upcoming countersuit case against Depp will affect the filming schedule,” they added.

Amber Heard is an alcoholic.

Amber Heard’s love of alcohol could be the main reason why she is so unhealthy and fit. Hollywood insiders are very aware of her love for red wine and she’s known to get up to know good when she’s intoxicated.

One such instance is when she defecated on her ex-husbands side of the marital bed. Heard initially blamed her two tiny Yorkshire terriers but a medical expert believed that the faeces was of human origin and that its foul stench and dark look was from the consumption of red wine.

She partied through lockdown.

While millions of people were forced to stay at home during lockdown Amber Heard somehow found the time through her busy schedule to travel and party around the world.

Amber’s Instagram page is kind of open book and a good look into her life. Last year, during lockdown, Amber posted several photos of herself travelling throughout Europe and partying on mega yachts.

amber heard partying
Amber Heard partying, drinking red wine on a yacht during lockdown.

Many could argue that Amber Heard has had a lot of time to get into shape for Aquaman 2 and they may be right. Also travelling and partying around Europe doesn’t really paint that image of depression, but considering the recent turn of events it is very likely that Amber Heard is suffering from depression right now.

She’s losing it.

Things were looking up for the 34-year-old actress after the bogus verdict libel verdict but Team Depp have been relentless in exposing Amber Heard for her many lies and now the case is up for contention once more.

Team Depp have been granted emergency hearing regarding the bogus verdict and both Amber Heard and NGN have reportedly failed to oppose it.

If Depp’s legal team manages to prove that she committed perjury in the UK High Courts it could backfire in way that would get her in a lot of legal hot water and even possibly end her career.

Aquaman 2 will start filming in June this year and is expected to hit cinemas by Christmas 2022.

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