Amber Heard roasted for ‘terrible British accent’ in Snyder’s Justice League


Zack Snyder gave Amber Heard a bigger role as Mera in his HBO cut of the Justice League and fans are not happy, especially about her fake British accent.

The Snyder cut of Justice League is receiving a lot of praise online but a lot of fans believe the film would have been even better if they completely removed Amber Heard.

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Amber Heard roasted. Thousands of fans have made their voices heard, they are not happy that Zack Snyder included Amber Heard in the Justice League. While many people just don’t like the actress for her controversial lies, others just believe her acting is terrible.

Scott Campbell, author at WeGotThisCovered, found her performance particularly jarring.

“Mera gets plenty of additional screen time in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, including an action beat opposite Steppenwolf, but the terrible British accent that Heard adopts for unknown reasons is jarring at best and completely laughable at worst, especially when it was nowhere to be found in Aquaman,” he wrote.

Amber Heard does have a little accent, but it doesn’t quite sound British, in the original Aquaman movie but ultimately Scott is correct: it is even worse in Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut. Heard’s performance makes Mera appear to an annoying snobbish blue blood and not a commendable queen.

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Our source revealed that Warner Bros had, in fact, side-lined Amber Heard for Aquaman 2 earlier this year due to fitness reasons. A petition that has now reached close to 2 million signatures has asked the studio to replace her following the multiple lies she said while under oath in the UK high court.

Those not caught up in the Depp-Heard battle also believe that Emilia Clarke is the perfect replacement for Mera especially after Heard’s cringe-worthy performance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut because of the on-screen chemistry between her and her former Game of Thrones co-star Jason Momoa.

Zack Snyder has reportedly reached out to Warner Bros on Heard’s behalf begging the studio not to fire her because she wants her to star in his Justice League 2 film. However, industry analysts are doubtful that such a movie will ever be made.

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