A #AlitaSequel banner will fly over the Oscars thanks to Alita fans


The Alita Army created a campaign to fund banner which will be flown over the Oscars on February 9th, 2020. All extra proceeds are going to charity.

Fans are desperate for a sequel to the 2019 hit movie Alita: Battle Angel as they’ve united under the #AlitaArmy flag and launched several successful campaigns to boost the movies popularity while making #AlitaSequel trend worldwide.

Did you know?

Because of the fan bases dedication DVD, Blu-Ray, and UltraHD discs as well pop vinyl figures flew off the shelves this Christmas. As more people finally saw Alita: Battle Angel the fan base, and therefore the Alita Army, grew exponentially.

Their current campaign is to raise money to fly the #AlitaSequel banner over the next Oscars and that campaign hit its goal within a matter of moments. All donations in excess of the #AlitaSequel banner will go directly to charity.

All donations from now will go to help amputees

The Alita Army made a statement on their blog, “but we don’t want to stop there. We also want to raise money that will benefit amputees. Our stretch goal is $4,000.  Money funded over $1,810 will be donated to Open Bionics.  If we fail to meet our first financial goal of $1,810, all of the donations that we received will be given to Open Bionics. Open Bionics develops affordable prosthetic limbs for amputees.  Their mission is ‘to make beautiful bionic limbs more accessible.'”

“Why we chose Open Bionics: When thinking of a good cause to work for, we remembered the partnership that the Alita: Battle Angel movie design team had made with Open Bionics. Together, they designed an affordable Alita: Battle Angel themed cover for prosthetic arms. One of these designs were modeled by Tilly Lockey at the premier of the Alita film where she met lead actress Rosa Salazar, whom she took many photos with.”

Banner goal reached, the flag will fly!

We will see Alita at the Oscars! The goal for the #AlitaSequel banner has been reached — or smashed, even — the Alita Army announced. The initial target of $2,000 has been doubled which means $2,000+ is currently going to charity. So, yes, people will see the banner fly above Oscars on February 9th, 2020.

You can still help raise money for the Open Bionics charity by sharing this article and/or donating a few dollars here and there by clicking the image above.

Excited for the Alita sequel? Share your love in the comments below!

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