Baby Yoda Pop! vinyl looks more like a gremlin and a Sullustan


Pre-orders are now open for the Baby Yoda Pop! Vinyl figurine which will release on April 20th… it may be the most detailed figuring in the collection, but it looks kind of creepy.

Ever since “The Child” appeared in Star Wars: The Mandalorian people have been dying to get their hands on any related merch, unfortunately Disney announced that nothing will be ready before Christmas.

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Conveniently, for Disney, they did — however — get pre-orders ready in time for Christmas so you can spend your Christmas bonus, or your gift cards, on the highly anticipated Disney Plus (Disney+) original series Star Wars Baby Yoda, The Mandalorian merchandise.

“The Kid” (Baby Yoda, The Mandalorian) Star Wars Pop! Vinyl figurine by Funko.

Bar a few custom print unlicensed tee-shirts, no Baby Yoda gear will be ready in time for the Christmas but at least Disney have revealed some of the most requested gear in time for the holidays. Some of it looks great, and some of it just looks weird.

Take this Star Wars Pop! Vinyl figurine for example; it looks like the love child of a Gremlin and Sullustan.

Sullustan Baby Yoda Daddy
Baby Yoda, I’m your farther.

Are the Yoda species related to the Sullustan?

The true name of the Yoda species has never been recorded and very little is known about their origin. However, it is possible that the Sullustan species are somewhat related, or connected, to the Yoda species but it has never been confirmed.

It’s undeniable that the two have striking similarities, though!

Regardless of its kind of creepy look it definitely seems to be the most detailed figuring in Funko’s Pop! Vinyl collection and I’ll be sure to pre-order mine before stock runs out!

Will you be pre-ordering the Baby Yoda Pop! Vinyl from Funko? Let us know in the comments below!

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