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Birds of Prey fails to take flight because it criticised its target demo

Twitterverse responds: Birds of Prey marketed exclusively as a chick flick yet ‘sexist perverted men’ to blame for abysmal box office numbers.

The new DC film adaptation of the popular comic book series featuring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is bombing at the box office for this reason.

As much as we all hate to admit it, there is a bit of truth to every stereotype; especially one that more boys are into comic books and superheros than girls. So, naturally, when you tell boys that they should not see your superhero movie, you’re going to lose big bucks.

Did you know?

Birds of Prey bombs opening weekend. The film starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, is not doing as well as DC Comics and Warner Brothers had hoped. It opened to the second worst weekend of any DC comic book film adaptation before it, with the worst being “Jonah Hex” in 2010.

Although Warner Bros. had anticipated the film to make USD$55 million, which is still pretty conservative, on the opening weekend, it struggled to pull in USD$33 million on the international box office and producers are scratching their heads in confusion.

Birds of Prey is a movie for girls!

Movie goers and avid comic book fans were warned, “Birds of Prey isn’t for boys, it’s for girls,” ahead of its premiere. That’s not to say that boys aren’t welcome, but that boys should leave their expectations at the ticket booth if they want an ‘overtly masculine superhero flick’ because Birds of Prey is supposed to be the definitive ‘chick flick’ of superhero movies… and it does a pretty good job at being that.

“Princess Weekes”, at the proud feminist activist pop-culture blog The Mary Sue gave it a perfect score and wrote: “As someone who didn’t love Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman, I have been waiting for a long time for one of these feminist™ films to hit me the way I wanted, and Birds of Prey finally did because it allowed the text to speak for itself. Other than Black Panther, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a comic book film with a group of women who are working together and taking care of each other throughout the entire movie. There is not just one being the uber-powerful superwoman and the rest are like, ‘You are the most beautiful.’ All of these female characters matter, and all of them need each other to survive.”

Blue is not for boys, but pink is for girls.

So, despite glowing reviews, Birds of Prey is bombing at the box office and that’s because the feminist geek community are not practicing what they preach. ComicsGate was a movement that rightfully stated, “comic books are not just for boys,” and it was started by professional women comic book writers. Today, increasingly, we are seeing outrage when the stereotype ‘blue is for boys’ is muttered, because girls like blue too. Unfortunately, the same group of people who don’t like things do be gendered are creating gendered comic books and movies mainly targeting girls.

Jessica Cheyenne is a comic book fan and gamer who streams on Twitch, she is also the target demographic for Birds of Prey, and her sentiments towards the film are shared by many. She writes, “Please let Birds of Prey flopping be the last straw for you and the bullshit ‘women empowerment’ movies. Consumers aren’t gonna buy tickets to your movie just because of ‘girl power’. Movies need more than a female lead to be decent pieces of cinema.”

Birds of Prey cast

Birds of Prey fails, bombs at box office, sexist perverted men to blame.

Perhaps the box office figures would have done a bit better if they would have just left gender out of the equation and released the film. Despite what other media outlets suggest, people don’t care about the gender of their superheroes and the box office and critical success of Wonder Woman is a perfect example of that… but others are blaming ‘sexist men’ for its failure.

White knight: “Don’t like Birds of Prey then you’re a sexist pervert.”

Sebastien Gallagher runs a popular Twitter account called Films to Films where he shares clips and opinions about “your favourite movies”. In his last Tweet, Sebastien claims to know exactly why Birds of Prey bombs, and it is because of ‘sexist men’.

According to Sebastian Birds of Prey was a near perfect movie, and the only reason it tanked was because Margot Robbie didn’t dress slutty enough. He shared his thoughts on Twitter: “The movie wasn’t appealing enough for some sick perverts because Margot Robbie and the girls didn’t wear slutty costumes. If you want to jerk off to women in films pornhub is free my dude.”

Have you seen Birds of Prey at the cinemas yet? If so, what did you think of the movie? Are you a sexist pervert for not liking it? Let us know in the comments below.