Boycott Warner Brothers petition hits 8K for blacklisting Johnny Depp


Petition to boycott Warner Brothers after they blacklisted Johnny Depp from all future movies is getting a lot of attention online.

Warner Brothers have made the controversial call of blacklisting Johnny Depp from all future productions including Fantastic Beasts 3 after The Sun “wife beater” libel verdict. Now fans are making their voices heard and are asking you to boycott Warner Brothers.

Johnny Depp fans are outraged. The 54-year-old actor was suddenly forced to resign his role as Gilbert Grindelwald in the highly anticipated Harry Potter spin-off prequel last week.

Original reports cited that the reason for Warner Brothers decision was due to the verdict in Johnny Depp’s libel suit against the corrupt British tabloid known as The Sun. However, our source has revealed that this is not the case at all.

Legal teams for The Sun and Amber Heard pressed the studio after the trial demanding that Depp be removed from any, and all, Warner Brothers movies. Allegedly they were told that Heard did not feel safe working for a studio that harboured a violent, wife beating, misogynist.

British tabloid The Sun hack and steal data.

The Sun has often used nefarious means to obtain documents and highly confidential and private information from private citizens for clickbait headlines. One such case was when they hacked British royal Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, and illegally obtained and published private information. Prince Harry is also currently suing The Sun.

Johnny Depp's phone allegedly hacked by British tabloid The Sun
The Sun hacked Johnny Depp and stole 60,000 private messages from his phone.

The Sun also hacked Johnny Depp’s phone and obtained approximately 60,000 private messages. In some of the messages Depp jokes about murdering his wife in outrageous ways with a close personal friend of his.

The Sun collaborated with his ex-wife and self-confessed alcoholic red wine lover, Amber Heard, to smear Johnny Depp in a hit piece article that labelled him a “wife beater”.

Johnny is not guilty… but not innocent?

Despite Depp’s attorney presenting the court with evidence proving that Amber Heard was the instigator and that she was far more abusive, as well as arguing that a joke texted privately among friends is not a threat nor could that information be used in a court of law since they were obtained illegally, Depp lost.

The judge ruled that Depp’s use of the term “gold digger” was much more harmful to Amber Heard than being called a “wife beater” and gave the case to the corrupt British tabloid.

BREAKING NEWS: Johnny Depp lost his libel case against The Sun
Depp lost his legal battle against The Sun even though the evidence was on his side.

Fans are rightfully outraged and thousands of them are letting their voices be heard online.

A petition was launched late last week by a domestic abuse survivor who is confident that Depp is the real victim.

Amber Heard is the actual abuser, fans claim.

She writes, “Johnny Depp fell in love and married Amber Heard in 2015 and in May of 2016 Amber Heard filed for divorce.  A few days later she showed up at a courthouse with bruises and announced to the world Johnny Depp abused her. “

“Many things have happened in the following 4 years culminating in two libel cases by Johnny Depp, one of which ended in Johnny losing and a media law judge claiming that he did believe Amber when she took the stand to say she had been abused.”

Johnny Depp enjoys a pint with fans at local London pub after trial
Depp had time to spend time with fans during his time in London for his trial.

“Despite hours of audio tapes where she claimed to abuse Johnny, despite her ever changing testimony that saw people, places and dates change depending on the version she was telling.  It was obvious that she and her witnesses could not keep their stories straight and changed them every time they were confronted with contradictory evidence.”  

“The judge fails to provide any rational explanation of why he takes Ambers word over evidence or testimony of individuals, including third party witnesses such as police officers and medical professionals, he just said he believed her account even over her own admission of guilt in audio recordings.” She concluded.
Petition to boycott Warner Brothers for blacklisting Johnny Depp hits 8,000 signatures.

Her petition now has over 7,000 signatures and is quickly climbing as the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp and #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser trend on Twitter.

If you feel Johnny Depp was unfairly judged and think that Warner Brothers blacklisting him is extreme then go sign the petition.

Although this is a devastating blow for Johnny Depp, fans should not lose all hope. Many celebrities, including Iron-Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., have got his back through this and are vouching for him. Depp is even rumoured to play Gomez Addams in the upcoming Netflix The Addams Family reboot directed by Tim Burton.

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