Brie Larson ‘shoe in’ to play Princess Peach in Mario live-action movie


Nintendo are planning to make a live-action mix animated Mario Bros movie and Brie Larson reportedly has dibs on the role of Princess Peach.

Brie Larson has pretty much guaranteed herself the role of Princess Peach in the upcoming Mario Bros reboot after solidifying a partnership with Nintendo America.

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Larson is currently the considered Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ ambassador after president of Nintendo America, Doug Bowser, tweeted at her for the game’s launch.

Bounding Into Comics reported that Brie Larson, cosplaying as Tom Nook, posted an advert promoting Animal Crossing: New Horizons on her Instagram.

Princess Peach in Mario Bros.

Brie Larson ‘shoe in’ to play Princess Peach in Mario live-action movie

Larson wrote, “#ad Already obsessed with Animal Crossing New Horizons!”,

“I’ve missed Tom Nook so much! If you are looking for sweet ways to spend time at home, I highly recommend you grab your Nintendo Switch and escape to your own island getaway.”

And, finally, concluded her ad with, “Now who has iron nuggets they can give me?”

Brie Larson later expressed interest in role in a Animal Crossing movie, if there ever was one. Unfortunately, Nintendo currently have no plans on making an Animal Crossing movie anytime soon.

They are, though, currently planning on releasing a Mario Bros. reboot movie in 2023 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first live-action movie starring John Leguizamo and the late Bob Hoskins as the famous plumber bros.

The film is rumoured to be part live-action and part animated much like the record breaking Sonic the Hedgehog film.

A source alleging to be close to Nintendo of America have hinted that while Mario and Luigi will be fully animated, Princess Peach might not be, and Brie Larson is a shoe in for the role.

If the new Mario Bros. movie is fully animated then Brie Larson could easily just be the voice of Princess Peach.

Who would you cast as Princess Peach in a Mario Bros. live-action reboot? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image photo credit: Brie Larson as Princess Peach by Apexform.

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