Daniel Radcliffe not likely to return in new Harry Potter due to JK Rowling


There’s a new Harry Potter film in the works with the original cast members all grown up, but Daniel Radcliffe is not likely to return.

The old Gryffindor gang are set to make one final return to the big screen. There’s a new Harry Potter (2021) film currently in pre-production with Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright and event Tom Felton. But it looks like Daniel Radcliffe might be recast.

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JK Rowling has agreed to write a follow up to the popular film series where Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are all grownups and living their adult lives.

The new Harry Potter (2021) is rumoured to get the Fantastic Beasts treatment which means it is very likely that it probably won’t be a novel, just a screenplay.

Hermione and Ron older
Emma Watson and Rupert Grint get emotional at final film premiere.

Hogwarts alumni Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and a handful of the original cast have reportedly agreed to return for — what is kind of like — their high school reunion. As for Potter himself (Daniel Radcliffe), chances are he won’t be returning.

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Earlier last year (2020) Radcliffe joined and encouraged a vicious crusade against JK Rowling after she made controversial comments about transgender women in the workplace.

Radcliffe and Rowling are on bad terms.

Daniel Radcliffe harsh comments about JK Rowling resulted in the award winning author receiving a plethora of death threats in the mail and mass book burnings.

Even the controversial British “The Sun” wrote a hit piece on the author where they glorified the domestic violence she survived through at the hand of her ex-partner.

jk rowling death threats
JK Rowling received a lot of death threats after his comments. Daniel Radcliffe not likely returning.

Despite the backlash, Daniel Radcliffe refused to condemn the actions of his fans who were threatening JK Rowling and instead opted to stay silent.

The fallout between Radcliffe and Rowling means it is very unlikely that he will return as the boy who lived in the new Harry Potter movie, and most fans are fine with that.

Radcliffe was the least talented of the group, fans say.

When most fans think back on the original Harry Potter movies the first thing that springs to their mind is the relationship between Hermione and Ron. Ultimately, it was their performance and on screen chemistry that carried Radcliffe’s lacklustre performance as Harry Potter.

He may have looked the part but it was definitely obvious that he was a small player in a big league when playing beside Grint and Watson. Not to say that he’s a terrible actor, just that it become more evident that Radcliffe might not have been right for the role with each movie.

Harry Potter cast after last film. Who is missing? Is Daniel Radcliffe not returning?

Even Radcliffe admitted that he wasn’t very good in the Harry Potter movies.

Also, Daniel Radcliffe has the curse of the baby face. It doesn’t look like he’s aged a lot since “The Deathly Hallows Part II” which premiered 10 years ago.

Harry Potter is supposed to look commendable, respectable and somewhat intimidating like British Special Forces gentleman. Not like a strung out former child star.

So, perhaps recasting Radcliffe as Harry Potter wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

Sadly, that’s about all the information we have on Harry Potter (2021). Warner Bros are keeping tight-lipped on the project because they don’t want to overshadow the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movies with Harry Potter news. A lot of fans have already lost interest in the new “Beasts” movie after they fired their biggest star, Johnny Depp.

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