Deadpool deemed too problematic by Disney, Ryan Reynolds not happy


Disney allegedly want to Deadpool to be less offensive and want to censor the new movie. Ryan Reynolds isn’t happy about it.

Ryan Reynolds fought tooth and nail to bring a real badass version of the merc with the mouth to the big screen. Despite investors thinking that an R18+ film would ultimately be a failure, it was a huge hit. Now, Disney are pushing to turn him family friendly.

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Ryan Reynolds is reportedly not happy with Disney over Deadpool 3 censorship, Small Screen reports. This news doesn’t come at a surprise to a lot of people, however. Deadpool was criticised for exuberating ‘toxic masculinity’ and called ‘too problematic’ by some new staff writers at Disney/Marvel last year.

In May, 2020, we reported that Disney were interested in making two of their most popular characters ‘less toxic’ and more diverse. A source disclosed that Disney were planning to replace Jack Sparrow, brilliantly played by Jonny Depp, with a girl-power pirate. As it turns out our source was right as it has now been confirmed that Margot Robbie will take his place.

Another character that was supposedly under scrutiny at Disney was Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds disappointed
Ryan Reynolds doesn’t think Deadpool is problematic.

Bisha K. Ali, a writer at Disney/Marvel, had allegedly approached producers with a complaint about the existence of toxic masculinity within some of Disney’s characters. Two of the characters she specifically mentioned by name were Deadpool and Jack Sparrow.

Another member of the Disney/Marvel bottom line is newcomer Dana Schwartz who has previously criticised and insulted comic book culture for being ‘too white and too male’.

Dana previously commented that she had absolute no interest in the ‘toxic culture’ of comic books and superheroes and, like Bisha K. Ali, has discussed toxic masculinity and the ‘fragile male ego’ on several of her podcasts.

Although Bisha and Dana may have failed in getting a female version of Deadpool, they seemed to have succeeded in getting him censored.

Deadpool shocked
Is Deadpool too problematic?

A source connected to Joey Pour at GeekTyrant states Reynolds has “had it with Disney and doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.” According to them Reynolds is tired of the Disney “censorship bullsh*t” and that he’s saying “enough is enough.”

Joey Pour adds: “I was also told that Reynolds’s Deadpool is supposed to ‘fill in the Stan Lee cameos in the Marvel movies from now on.’ But, again, I have no official confirmation of this. This is all just coming from people I know on the Fox lot.”

Ryan Reynolds himself hasn’t tweeted anything to the effect of Deadpool being censored nor has he said anything publicly against the Mouse House studio recently. The author also claims it comes from people he knows working at the Fox lot, which now goes by Twentieth Century lot.

However, considering the push in censorship and the uptick in cancel culture it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Disney want to have Deadpool censored, if not straight out get rid of him, since he is their most edgiest character.

Disney have also recruited the Molyneux sisters to write the script for Deadpool 3.  Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin are staff writers for Bob’s Burgers and they’ve actively called out ‘toxic masculinity’ and ‘rape culture’ on Twitter.

There is currently no official release date for Deadpool 3 but earlier this year Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige said that a third instalment is in the drafting stages and is not scheduled to shoot in 2021. This means we probably wont be expecting to see the merc with the mouth return until late 2022 or early 2023.

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