Disney slammed for embarrassing and wrong Chicken Little tweet


“Family is always there for you,” Disney tweeted a picture of Chicken Little with his father Buck Cluck who really wasn’t there for his son.

Family isn’t always there for you, many would argue. There are countless of children who are neglected and/or abused every day, but Disney are at least trying to send a positive message in this otherwise dark time with this Chicken Little tweet. They just missed the mark.

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Disney got roasted when they shared a picture of Ace “Chicken Little” Cluck and his father Buck with the comment, “family is always there for you.”

A little under two weeks before Australian’s celebrated father’s day Disney shared an image of Ace “Chicken Little” Cluck and his father Buck in, what was supposed to be, a positive and heartfelt message about family. Sadly, whoever tweeted the message clearly had not even seen the movie before.

Disney slammed for Chicken Little tweet because his dad was not really ever there him.

Ace initially earned his nickname “Chicken Little” because his dad babied him. He had very little faith in his son and believed and was ashamed of him. So, naturally, Disney’s tweet confused a lot of people.

Some even questioned whether Disney watched their own movies.

“The plot of the movie is literally how he refused to believe his son when he claimed the sky was falling, what the heck are you talking about,” one person responded.

Disney slammed for not watching their own movies.

“Buck was one of the most supportive dads in Disney history. Dude was always embarrassed by his son, didn’t believe him and only connected with him soon as he won that baseball match, and then went back to being an a-hole straight after,” another added.

“Um… he was neglectful of Chicken Little when he was being bullied, told his son to have low expectations of himself, then showered his son with passive aggrieve praise when he won a baseball game, and refused to stand up for him when he was ridiculed by the town,” the third said.

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It really isn’t until the end that the father finally comes around, but still Chicken Little rose above in spite of his father’s disdain for him. That’s one of the reason the film was cherished by so many. It resonated with kids who felt like their parents didn’t care for them either, and gave them hope that they could accomplish anything by themselves.

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