Fans notice creepy 11:11 theme in Joker movie


Joker is the sort of film that rewards you with every viewing. Only now are people starting to notice the freaky 11:11 phenomena with the film’s prop clocks.

Todd Phillips’ Joker movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix, has 11 Oscar nominations; this includes best actor, best director, and best film.. and nobody is suprised.

Did you know?

The Joker has been praised as a powerful and impacting nuanced social commentary. While some are thrilled with its underlining message, others are outraged that the film has been nominated for multiple Oscars.

Regardless of Joker’s controversies, many are now re-watching the film for the umpteenth time ever since it released on Blu-ray and 4K UltraHD.

Joker movie is filled with freaky themes

A keen-eyed fan noticed that the prop clock in the background had the exact same time in two different scenes and in two different locations. While some just thought that this was oversight from the production crew — a blooper, if you will — others thought that it meant something.

Prop clocks show 11:11 in Joker

Fans notice creepy 11:11 on Joker clocks.

The time displayed in both scenes is exactly 11:11. People who already found Joker freaky will be even more freaked out now.

“The number 11 also has ‘fool’s number‘ reputation in the Netherlands, 11th of the 11th is Crazyday/Fool’s day,” Kamica wrote on Imgur.

Does 11:11 signal the transition of Fleck to Joker?

According to “11:11 usually comes at a time of change. Something within you or around you is shifting. ​It is a wave of energy surging through every fiber and molecule of your being, that comes during a period of metamorphosis in your life.”

​”Maybe you are in a phase of upliftment, inspiration and enlightenment; or perhaps it is a cycle of pain, purging and upheaval. Whatever process you are going through, know that the universe is speaking to you and supporting you from a higher level. “

Is there meaning behind the two Joker clocks showing 11:11 or do you think it is just a neat little production blooper? Let us know in the comments below.

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