Five things we learned from the new Sonic trailer


The new Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer is now officially out and, in all honesty, it looks super awesome. Here are five things to take away from watching it.

The original trailer got a fair bit of criticism for making the beloved supersonic hedgehog look more like a furry than a cartoon hedgehog. The criticism was so overwhelming that the producers actually listened to the fans, pulled the movie, and did a Sonic redesign.

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There was a leak several weeks ago with the new Sonic design but many people remained sceptical. Heck, some people even hated the redesign. A few weeks later a photo was taken of a movie pop-up sign which almost confirmed the new redesign. A few weeks later the actual trailer came out, 100% confirming the new redesign… and it looks awesome!

The Sonic movie was initially supposed to premier this year but the criticism of the character’s design and the following redesign meant that the movie was postponed until 2020. But, after comparing the new trailer to the old trailer, it looks so much better.

Here are five things we learned after watching new Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer.

Memes work

Sonic memes: Nicholas Cage
Sonic memes went viral, especially this one with Nicholas Cage.

Meme warfare is real and movie studios hate it when it is turned on them. Sometimes memes can be more destructive than nuclear bombs (not really) and when you are the target, you better do what you can to evade or avoid the attack.

This is the case for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. When the Sonic memes started becoming viral, studio executives started crapping their pants. Lucky enough, Sonic the Hedgehog movie had a director who was well versed on meme-culture and reacted almost immediately after seeing that the Sonic meme was becoming viral. Jeff Fowler pulled the film, redesigned version, and removed terribly scenes from the new version. Memes work.

Sonic looks and acts like… Sonic

New design looks cool

Not only does Sonic no longer look like a furry but compared the the old trailer he also acts like Sonic. The new redesign is spot on and I’m super hyped for the film now. But I feel like the redesign is only part of the reason why I’m so excited now.


Sonic, while still being a kick ass hero and a bit of a smart ass, is now adorable and goofy. That scene with him and the ping pong paddle absolutely floored me.

Furry community is outraged

Furry community

This may be a small take-away, but the Furry community feel discriminated against. The vast majority of Sonic fans absolutely hated the old Sonic design, but a very few loved it… maybe a little too much, even.

A few members of the the furry community have been very vocal in expressing their hate for the new design. Why? The new design looks almost exactly like the videogame version! Well, it is because they aren’t really Sonic fans. They just want a movie about a furry. Unfortunately, that’s one less furry role model.

Scenes have been deleted or completely re-shot

Shot from original trailer
Old design started Sonic memes.

Going back to my previous point, not only did they do a complete redesign of the character, but they made him act more like Sonic.

There are a few scenes that we saw in the trailer that were completely removed or re-shot. For instance, when Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) first meets Sonic, he just shrugs and says, “uuhh, meow?” But in the new version is memorised by Tom’s wedding ring, hinting at his troubled past, and is shocked just as much as Tom when they discover each other.

Another scene that seems to be deleted is the one where the hedgehog seems to stop time when rockets are fired on his day to count his steps. That scene made no sense and hopefully it has been completely removed from the final cut.

Jim Carrey has still got it

Jim Carrey as Eggman

Seriously, who could have played Eggman better than Jim Carrey. The best thing about the first trailer was Jim Carrey’s portrayal of Dr. Robotnik and now that we’ve seen the new trailer it reaffirms our faith that this man is right for the part.

But it’s not shock that Jim Carrey could nail this part. He is absolutely phenomenal in Kidding where he plays some kind of dark version of Mr. Rogers. If you haven’t seen Kidding, check it out on Stan or Hulu before season 2 comes out!

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