Indiana Jones reboot script reveals he’s a trans-male Berkeley student


There’s a Indiana Jones script floating around simply titled ‘Indy’ and it is about a tomboyish girl, trans-male, who brings down the patriarchy.

Despite the classic trilogy (yeah, I’m not counting the lastt film) being too old — and allegedly dated — for millennials it is still being panned by them.

According to them Indiana Jones is far too white, far too male, and largely problematic. But someone claims to have fixed the problem.

Did you know?

A screenplay for an Indiana Jones reboot entitled ‘Indy’ is being passed around. He’s no longer a professor, but a student at Berkeley University that once was a lesbian female who now identifies as a man. The writer might have been inspired by Dr. Jane MacLaren Walsh.

The 200 and something page script also comes with a set of production notes which mention how necessary a film like this is in today’s society.

“In the wake of our demolished society it is important that we take focus away from the all-too-white and patriarchal cinema standards that plague the box office today and devalue and dehumanize the lives of marginalized non-confirming groups, like the LGBTQ community and people of color.

“We are living in scary times that eerily seem much akin to movie plot lines; the world is, in fact, ending, but it isn’t because of cursed ancient relics… well, not in a literal sense, anyway. The dominant white patriarchy, in its own way, is an ancient relic – a cursed one at that – which is responsible for the destruction of nature, climate, and human rights.

INDY rights these wrongs and reboots the beloved, yet problematic, saga of everyone’s favourite professor. “

In addition, the notes request that Harrison Ford to be cast as Indy’s “old fashioned” professor. He is, as the script describes him, “a bit racist, a bit sexist, and very closed minded. So, basically, just white.”

Non-binary Indiana Jones reboot script Indy

Trans Indiana Jones script leaked, called Indy.

The plot to the Indiana Jones reboot has him travel to the middle East where a mega-corporation run by an evil European capitalist is digging up “holy land” in search for a religious relic that is said to be worth a large fortune.

Spoiler alert ahead

Although Indy, a specialist in middle eastern culture, is initially hired by the mega-corporation, he sides with a group of activists and helps the locals stop the mega-corporation from ruining the land.

Eventually the religious relic is found and it is just a piece of junk and Indy lectures the bad white European man about how God doesn’t exist, magic isn’t real, and that the real problem is capitalist white men… end scene.

Will the Indiana Jones reboot, INDY, ever be filmed?

As of now there is absolutely no indication of whether producers are taking this script seriously or are just passing it around for a good laugh. The fact that it ended up in my hands makes me assume the latter, though.

What are your thoughts on the idea of this Indiana Jones reboot? Let us know in the comments below.

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