James Cameron shares pictures of Avatar 2 set, k-pop fans angry


Alita producer James Cameron shared pictures of the massive Avatar 2 set from New Zealand, and now K-pop fans are cancelling the movie.

The highly anticipated sequel to James Cameron’s blockbuster sci-fi epic has been delayed so many times that fans say they’ve forgotten the original. But it’s finally happening. The producer shared behind-the-scenes pictures of the massive Avatar 2 set, but K-pop fans aren’t impressed.

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Avatar was the highest grossing film until it got dethroned by Avengers: Endgame in 2019. Now with the sequel set to premiere in 2021 people are wondering if there’s still hype for the film and whether it can live up to the original. If anyone can do it, it’s James Cameron.

The veteran producer shared behind-the-scenes pictures of the set for the upcoming sequel, Avatar 2, in New Zealand; and it looks huge!

Avatar 2 set

Alita producer James Cameron reveals that the Avatar 2 set is massive, but k-pop fans aren’t happy.

James Cameron is not just a producer, he’s a visionary and a world builder. He has proved this over and over with his films, especially Alita: Battle Angel.

James Cameron took a 30-year-old manga and adapted into a epic film that was very respectful of the source material. He did this as a gift to his daughter who adored the original manga.

Fans around the world saw how much love and attention went into the film and it instantly became a cult classic with one of the most compassionate fandoms on the internet known as the Alita Army.

Christof Waltz, Rosa Salazar, and Robert Rodriguez

Alita cast and crew: Christof Waltz (Dr. Ido actor), Rosa Salazar (Alita actress), and Robert Rodriguez (director).

Although these fans are a bit peeved that Disney hasn’t announced any plans for an Alita sequel, they are thrilled to see James Cameron get to work on a sequel that he’s being dying to make for so long.

Unfortunately, K-pop fans don’t feel the same. As a matter of fact, they don’t want “another movie made by a cis-gendered old white man.”

The outrage over James Cameron’s Avatar seems to stem from the idea that a “white man” saves an indigenous tribe of aliens from colonisation. A message you’d assume that progressive K-pop fans would get behind, but, alas, they are conflicted because a white man saves the day.

Nobody in their right mind seemingly cares about the K-pop community’s seal of approval considering they’ve proven themselves to be nothing more than an outrage mob of cancel cultist as of late.

This year K-pop fans have tried to cancel Ghost of Tsushima, Joji, YouTube Rewind, Conan Gray, Dr DisRespect, Dua Lipa and a whole lot more. If there’s something the community finds problematic, they’ll get it trending on Twitter with the hashtag “IsOverPart.”

Avatar 2 is currently being filmed in New Zealand. Zoe Saldana and Australia’s Sam Worthington will be reprising their roles as Neytiri and Jake Sully. The sequel is expected to his cinemas late 2021.

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