Man who filmed a ‘drugged up’ Ezra Miller choke girl disappears off internet


The man who shared the video of The Flash actor, Ezra Miller, choke slam a girl in Reykjavik, Iceland, has deleted all his social profiles. Might have been paid off.

  • CW cast and crew warned about their violent behaviour.
  • According to Miller’s friend, he has a serious drug problem.
  • Non-binary actor allegedly suffers from ‘chronic depression’ and has ‘violent outbursts’.
  • Source of original video deletes all his social profiles.
  • Victim remains quiet, potentially reaching settlement with Miller.
  • Miler reportedly FIRED from all upcoming DCEU projects.

The event that took place inside one of Iceland’s most popular bars, Prikid, is now being described as a ‘serious altercation’ by witnesses. However, the poster of the original video has completely vanished online.

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The man who filmed Ezra disappears offline. A video surfaced of, what our sources claim to be a very high and drugged up, Ezra Miller grabbing an Icelandic girl by the throat and throwing her to the ground. The ‘serious altercation’ between the 27-year-old The Flash actor and the Icelandic fan happened at around 6PM, April 1st, 2020, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

People originally thought that the video was staged or that they were just play fighting, but witnesses claim that ‘he was high on hard drugs,’ when he assaulted the Icelandic girl.

Despite previous reports, the assault did not take place ‘inside a shopping centre,’ bit instead actually happened at the outside smoking section of a popular Icelandic nightclub, Prikid.

VIDEO: Ezra Miller choke slams girl at Prikid bar in Iceland.

Prikid, or “the joint/the spot”, is a popular nightclub/bar/bistro in the heart of Reykjavik city. It used to be owned by Franz Gunnarson, the guitarist of the popular Icelandic experiment rock group Dr. Spock but was later purchased by Geoffrey Þór Huntington-Williams.

Ezra Miller choked girl at Prikid, Iceland. Owned by Geoffrey Þór Huntington-Williams (pictured)

A friend of Ezra’s told us that they (Ezra Miller) have had several ‘meltdowns’ and ‘violent outbursts’ before. He believes it is a result of their drug abuse habit.

Although some fans praised Ezra for being ‘brave’ and coming out as non-binary, non-human individual in a recent interview, others believe Ezra Miller is suffering through gender dysphoria of which chronic depression and violent outbursts are commonly connected to.

“I don’t identify. Like, fuck that,’ Miller said. ‘Queer just means no, I don’t do that. I don’t identify as a man, I don’t identify as a woman. I barely identify as a human,” Ezra Miller told the Hollywood Reporter.

Non-binary Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller non-binary, non-human has a history of drug abuse and chronic depression.

A crew member for The CW’s The Flash confirmed Miller’s serious drug problem and alleged that both cast and crew were warned about their temperament and behaviour when they guest starred on CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.

“The studio warned us about his behaviour,” The Flash crew member said. “Ezra came in as a surprise guest this season and we were literally warned about him before he came to set.”

Man who filmed Ezra Miller choke girl disappears.

The crew member continued, “And they were right. He arrived hours late to the set because he was busy getting high in his trailer. He didn’t know his lines, let alone where he was.”

Ezra was reportedly ‘completely out of it,’ and could barely stand on his own two feet. “Ezra was high out of his mind stumbling around, and could hardly deliver his lines. We did countless takes for every line of dialogue. We were shocked at his state despite being warned, couldn’t believe someone like that could be working successfully in the industry at this point.”

The editing team had a difficult time with the footage of Ezra in his cameo role as the Justice League’s The Flash in the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, and despite their efforts you can still clearly tell that Ezra is on drugs just by looking at how dilated his pupils are.

Ezra Miller high on CW's Crisis on Infinite Earth

Ezra Miller fired from The Flash. Was ‘high out of his mind’ on drugs in Crisis on Infinite Earths cameo.

Ezra Miller’s assault is one of the most discussed events in Hollywood now and reports are trickling in alleging that Ezra Miller has, in fact, lost his role as The Flash in all upcoming DCEU movies.

It also appears that Miller’s legal team is in full swing as the person who filmed and posted the Ezra Miller — allegedly on drugs — assault video on Twitter has since deleted all of his social profiles and is impossible to reach.

The Icelandic girl who was choked by Ezra Miller is also very difficult to reach suggesting that she might have come to some sort of settlement with the non-binary actor.

Friends of the the man who filmed Ezra choke-slam the woman have shown concerns after he disappears. It is likely that he’s just laying low while the dust settles on this high profile case.

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