Matt Reeves gives fans a sneak peak of The Batman on Twitter


The Batman director, Mat Reeves, shared an image on Twitter to get fans hyped for the upcoming DC film. It isn’t much… but it’s something.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader has officially started filming and the director shared a little image on Twitter to celebrate the occasion… and get fans hyped, of course.

Did you know?

The Tweet reveals the clapper used for the production. Although it is not much, it does reveal the official font for The Batman movie. Additionally, the clapper seems to be resting on a fancy leather sofa which could a prop inside the Wayne Manor.

Although filming only officially commenced this week set photos have been leaked from what appears to be taken during the blocking of a scene where Robert Pattinson is on a road bike outside what appears to be Gotham Bank.

No stand-in for Robert Pattinson? It seems as though Robert Pattinson is his own stand-in as the actor has been spotted numerous times on set even before the filming officially began.

Robert Pattinson Bruce Wayne Batman

The Batman sneak peak on Twitter posted by Matt Reeves.

It is reported that The Batman is in no way, shape or form, connected to Joker, unfortunately. However, a sequel to record breaking DC Dark film starring Joaquin Phoenix as the mentally disturbed failed comedian has been confirmed and will most likely take place inside of Arkham Asylum.

The Batman is set for release next year, 2021, and will act as a soft reboot for the DC Extended Cinematic Universe, and therefore will not be connected to the Justice League universe. Hopefully he will drop more The Batman sneak peak pictures in the not too distant future!

Excited for The Batman or are you more interested in the next Marvel phase? Let us know in the comments below.

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