Meet the writer of the highly anticipated Captain Marvel 2 movie


UPDATE: Kelly Sue will be working along side a team of all-female writers, including Megan McDonnel, to bring Captain Marvel 2 to the big screen.

Sometimes movies are a reflection of the writers world views and opinions, and sometimes they aren’t. Regardless, it is interesting to see who is behind the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel.

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Captain Marvel 2 — albeit confused story progression — has been confirmed. As a matter of fact, Disney have even hired someone to pen the script, someone who is “overwhelmingly passionate about the film’s message”. Who is she?

Meet the sequel writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick. She is an uber feminist, never Trumper, pro-Iranian and Islam activist… but most importantly… an avid comic book reader, massive nerd and passionate geek.

 Captain Marvel 2 writer: Kelly Sue writes female only crewed sequel

Captain Marvel 2 writer: Kelly Sue writes female only crewed sequel

Kelly Sue will be working closely with Megan McDonnel, the writer behind WandaVision, to bring us the ‘most epic female superhero movie we’ve ever seen’.

She may not be a seasoned screenwriter but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in passion. “Kelly is a champion for women rights, she embodies Captain Marvel,” an acquaintance of the writer told us.

Kelly Sue was also a prominent figurehead in the GamerGate, and the less heard of ComicsGate, movement who worked tirelessly along side Anita Sarkeesian to eradicate toxic masculinity from a male dominated videogame and comic book culture.

What is ComicsGate?

Essentially it is a feminist movement within the comic book community that started after a bunch of female Marvel staffers got together for a milkshake and posted a group selfie.

Then a bunch of trolls called them “fake geek girls”. They reacted by creating a militant feminist movement which purpose was to eradicate toxic masculinity from geek culture, specifically comic book culture.

Kelly Sue promises fans that as the Captain Marvel 2 writer the film will be the definitive female superhero flick and will bring light to the injustices that women working in geek culture suffer on a daily basis.

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