Michael B. Jordan isn’t replacing Keanu Reeves in Matrix 4

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Michael B. Jordan isn’t replacing Keanu Reeves in The Matrix 4. Leaks from 2017 reveal that he was cast as a young Morpheus and the new film is prequel.

Anyone that has been following production news for The Matrix 4 will tell you that the media has completely misunderstood the announcement of Jordan’s involvement and his role in the film.

Earlier this month we reported that Keanu Reeves will be in the new Matrix movie – which we are still certain he is – but people took that to mean that the new movie would be a continuation of Neo’s story and that Keanu would be the main protagonist. That’s not the case.

Did you know?

Michael B. Jordan has been linked to the new Matrix movie ever since the announcement first broke in 2017 that Warner Brothers were breathing new life in to the I.P. But the problem was that, back then, people thought the Matrix was going to be a reboot. But now we know that it’s not. The fourth Matrix movie is either going to be a sequel or a prequel which means that Michael B. Jordan was either cast as a young Morpheus or his offspring.

Michael B. isn't replacing Keanu Reeves | Sausage Roll

Shortly after Keanu Reeves said that he would be interested in returning to the Matrix if the Wachowskis were behind it, more rumours started to surface strongly hinting at the new movie being a prequel.

Michael B. Jordan isn’t replacing Keanu Reeves

Michael B. Jordan isn’t replacing Keanu Reeves in The Matrix 4. Maybe as the main protagonist, but not as Neo; that role still belongs to Keanu Reeves. And although things are still looking very promising for a Neo return, fans must understand that his role in the movie may be minimal.

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