Mulan cancelled in China because coronavirus death toll rise


The live-action remake of the Disney classic Mulan is reportedly being pulled from release in China as the coronavirus death toll climbs.

Mulan is Disney’s most expensive live-action remake costing the studio over $260 million. A large part of the block buster cash was set to come in from China as Disney had modernised the classic tale to make it Chinese friendly.

Unfortunately, as the death tolls rise, it is looking like the Mulan live-action remake will not see a cinematic release in China.

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This comes as a huge blow to Disney as the film has already come under some fire by the Western market for wandering too far from the source material to appease the Chinese market.

Mulan cancelled, delayed, postponed

Mulan cancelled in China as coronavirus death toll climbs.

Mulan was expected to take a hit at the U.S. box office but soar in China as it now more accurately represents the ancient myth which the Disney cartoon was based upon, and that it also mostly stars famous local talent.

Although Mulan has not yet been cancelled, Disney’s president, Sean Bailey, says that he is monitoring the situation closely and will “look at it day by day”.

Although she hasn’t commented on the Disney’s decision, the actress playing Mulan in the live-action remake, Liu Yifei has commended the Chinese government and citizens for their tactfulness in handling the coronavirus.

“They are doing the right thing and people are being careful for themselves and others,” the 32-year-old actress told The Hollywood Reporter. “I am really touched to see that they haven’t been out for weeks. I am really hoping for a miracle and that this will all be over soon.”

Mulan is currently slated to hit cinemas on March 27, 2020. Are you excited for the latest Disney live-action remake?

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