Sunday, May 16, 2021

Netflix calls Gone With The Wind racist & says Matrix is about trans people

Netflix wants to remind you that Gone With The Wind is “known for its racism,” and The Matrix is about transgender people.

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Whoever is in charge of public relations at Netflix has been making some pretty spicy tweets and changing the descriptions to some classics… and you’re either going to love it, or hate it.

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The folks at Netflix want us to know that if you believe that The Matrix is about anything other than transgender people, then you’ve taken the blue pill.

“For years, fans of The Matrix have discussed the film through a trans lens. If you’ve heard the theory before or just learned about it, here’s a thread breaking down the trans allegory of the film, from trans writers and critics. Welcome to the desert of the real,” a Netflix PR representative tweeted.

Neo in The Matrix

Keanu Reeves is “transitioning” in The Matrix movies, says Netflix.

“Lilly Wachowski recently looked back on the film and confirmed the long-discussed theory of The Matrix as an allegory for gender transition. ‘The Matrix was all about the desire for transformation, but it was all coming from a closeted point of view.'”

When Lilly and her sister made The Matrix they identified as cis-gendered men and had never even discussed transitioning to another gender before, hence her “closeted point of view.”

The Agents are cic-gendered transphobes

The Netflix Twitter thread continues: “So how is The Matrix super trans? Writer @andrealongchu sums it up in an excerpt from her book ‘Females,’ for Vulture: ‘Neo has dysphoria. The Matrix is the gender binary. The agents are transphobia.'”

“The ‘splinter’ in Neo’s mind? That, for many trans folks, is a lot like the experience of being socialized as a gender that doesn’t align with their true gender identity.”

Wachowski before transitioning

Lilly Wachowski (left) before she transitioned during The Matrix production.

“Upon ‘waking up,’ Neo begins his transition from one identity — Thomas A. Anderson, a name given to him by the machines — to the one he sculpts for himself — Neo, his chosen name.”

The thread continues to go in depth about transgender issues and how The Matrix is an LGBTQ+ film.

“Here’s the real galaxy brain moment: the trans themes of The Matrix aren’t only in the plot, but we could also look at the ways the film’s groundbreaking effects offer a visual representation of a trans experience.”

Interesting theory? Well, according to Netflix, it’s not just a theory. It’s the actual meaning and message behind the film… and it’s not up for question.

Those who think The Matrix is inspired by religious texts, simulation theory, manga, and Ghost In The Shell are wrong. Even though The Wachowskis have previously admitted this in an interview that can be found on the The Matrix Trilogy (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital).

People aren’t happy with Netflix

The responses to Netflix’s The Matrix Twitter thread have been overwhelmingly negative. Some say they are reaching while other say they are preaching.

Netflix don’t just have an explanation for The Matrix, they also took a crack at the 1940s classic Gone With The Wind.

If you search for Gone With The Wind using your Netflix app the chances are it won’t pull any results. It is there, though. Strangely it seems as though it has been blacklisted by the Netflix app.

Gone With The Wind racist on Netflix

Netflix demands that you search “Black Lives Matter” before you watch Gone With The Wind.

To find Gone With The Wind on Netflix you have to search for it on Google and click the link. Doing this will take the app to the movie page. And they’ve changed the description.

It now reads: “A 1930 civil war epic known for its racism.To learn more about back lives in America search “Black Lives Matter.”

So, according to Netflix, Gone With The Wind won Oscars for its racism. Despite it being the first film to ever have a person of colour win an Oscar, it’s still racist.

Lilly Wachowski is currently directing the fourth installment of The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. It’s due out late 2021. Will you be seeing it?

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