Netflix rejected Isaac Butterfield comedy special for controversial Cuties


Netflix rejected “Anti-Hero” a comedy special from Aussie comedian, Isaac Butterfield, for being “too offensive” but greenlit a show that sexualises minors.

Netflix acquired the broadcast rights to controversial French film “Cuties” that seemingly sexualises minors. After a lot of outrage, Netflix made a soft response stating that they “support creative freedom.” However, that’s not true, especially for the Isaac Butterfield comedy special.

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The 27-year-old Australian YouTuber and stand-up comedian, Isaac Butterfield, tried to pitch his comedy special to Netflix last year but was ultimately shut down by their decision makers.

According Isaac Butterfield, Netflix turned down his comedy special “Anti-Hero” because it was too offensive, yet they did not specify what exactly they considered problematic. Additionally, controversial jokes could easily be cut so it probably means they considered Isaac to be problematic, not necessarily his content.

Isaac Butterfield, although he has on many occasions stated that — when it comes to politics — he’s a moderate centrist, many Australian media personalities, including radical Aussie feminist Clementine Ford, have accused him of being alt-right.

Alt-right is a fancy new term coined by progressives that essentially means white nationalisation, or rather Nazi.

Isaac Butterfield Anti-Hero special comedy special

Isaac Butterfield “Anti-Hero” comedy special too offensive for Netflix, but Cuties isn’t.

Although the Aussie funny man is known for his edgy comedy — making fun of woke culture, vegans, and New Zealanders — he’s never expressed any political views that would earn him the label of alt-right, let alone right-wing.

Sadly, still his comedy was considered too problematic for Netflix, but strangely enough they acquired the broadcast rights to an independent french film that appears to sexualise children as young as 11.

Isaac Butterfrield responded on Twitter, “Hang on, My comedy special [“Anti-Hero”]was ‘Too offensive; for Netflix, and yet here they are showing off how people sexualise children under the guise of sport/hobby. That’s f***ed up!”

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The film “Cuties”, although starring children 11 and younger, contains explicit sexual themes and references and has earned a MA15+ rating here in Australia.

People who supposedly seen the film say that the films “not as bad” as people think it is, and that promo image used by Netflix was deliberately made by them to promote the film to an American audience.

“Seems like Netflix of America ran with a controversial poster that is inappropriate but ultimately is contrary to the original intentions of the French film maker. The French poster is different, and sends a different vision than the US poster. A lot of film critics and the maker of the film said it is a commentary criticising the over sexualisation of girls as being the only options to express their developing femininity, ” a fan shared on Reddit.

offensive Netflix poster for Cuties

Netflix apologise for offensive poster but won’t cancel Cuties.

The outrage of the film has lead to a petition asking Netflix to cancel the movie that has garnered over 150,000 signatures.

Netflix Customer Service replied to one disgruntled consumer saying they have no plans on cancelling the film. In the response Netflix asserted that they will not cancel movie because they “believe in creative freedom,” and that they “respect all religions and their cultures, traditions, and values.”

If that was true then they would not have rejected Isaac Butterfield’s comedy special for being “too offensive.” Perhaps, if they are going to allow “Cuties” to air on Netflix, they should consider also allowing the comedy special.

Netflix have apologised for the promotional poster they used for “Cuties” but have no plans on cancelling it. It will premiere on Netflix worldwide on September 9th.

The Isaac Butterfield comedy special “Anti-Hero” that is deemed “too offensive” for Netflix is available for streaming right now on his official website

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