Pattinson unfit: Reeves had to overuse stunt double in The Batman


Robert Pattinson was reportedly not in shape for his role as The Batman and director Matt Reeves had to use special cuts and stunt double to hide this fact.

We’ve got a hot news straight off the set of Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie. According to a crew member, Robert Pattinson was not fit enough to perform some basic scenes in The Batman and the director had to overuse his stunt double.

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The general consensus for The Batman is that the vast majority of DC Comic fans are super hyped for it, especially after the crushing success of the standalone Joker film. Although there has been some debate whether Robert Pattinson was right for the role of a young Bruce Wayne, both sides largely agree that he looks awesome in the new Batsuit.

Sadly, there have been many production hiccups for The Batman, one of the biggest — of course — being the pandemic. Production was temporarily halted for DC Comics superhero movie in 2020. Robert Pattinson tested positive of the virus late last year which resulted in further delays for an already unfit film.

New Pattinson Batman mask
Robert Pattinson called too unfit to play Batman.

Now that The Batman has finally wrapped production we can get a better look at what the heck went on behind-the-scenes of this seemingly troubled production. And, according to a crew member who requested to remain anonymous, director Matt Reeves was frustrated with Robert Pattinson’s performance in the film; primarily his physical performance because he was unfit.

“Pattinson was physically unfit and unable to perform some of the basic stunts and choreography in the movie [The Batman]. Matt was clearly frustrated at him during some of the filming, he didn’t believe that Pattinson was giving it his all,” the source claimed.

They added: “There were definitely mixed feelings because when it comes to acting, Pattison knocked it out off the park. He was great as a young Bruce Wayne but terrible as Batman because he wasn’t fit enough for the role.”

The crew member revealed to us that Matt Reeves had to overuse the stunt double even for some basic fight scenes, and, during some of the close up fights where Pattinson is involved, the director needed to use special cuts to disguise the fact that the 34-year-old Twilight actor was not fit for combat.

“You will see a lot of jump cuts and shaky camera work during close-up fight scenes that involve Pattinson. Matt had to do this to make Batman look more menacing,” the source revealed.

Robert Pattinson stunt double for The Batman
Pattinson’s stunt double for The Batman steps in for most action scenes.

Although Pattinson’s poor physical health could be blamed on the virus, Robert Pattinson admittedly has not taken the role seriously and even refused to work out during lockdown and remained unfit.

During quarantine Robert Pattinson expressed his opinion gym culture revealing that he finds a macho male physique problematic. “It sets a precedent,” Pattinson told CQ when they asked why he wasn’t bulking up during production downtime.

Robert said that he deliberately ignored his personal trainer’s pleas, who left him with a Bosu ball and a single weight at the start of lockdown.

“I think if you’re working out all the time, you’re part of the problem,” he said.

He continued: “You set a precedent. No one was doing this in the ’70s. Even James Dean – he wasn’t exactly ripped.” He then elaborated a little on what his training regime is like for the role of Batman, saying, “literally, I’m just barely doing anything.”

Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz and Colln Farrell is set to hit theatres worldwide on March 4th, 2022.

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