Single white male refused admission to Frozen 2


A 25-year-old single white guy was not allowed to buy a ticket to Frozen 2. Cinema said it was because “it’s a movie for young girls.”

A man posted anonymously on the popular link sharing website, Reddit, that a girl working at his local cinema would not sell him a ticket to Frozen 2.

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It was late Sunday afternoon and the burly, bearded, 25-year-old was on his way to enjoy some pop-corn with a side of Disney’s Frozen 2. He took off early to make sure that he would at least be able to get a ticket because his local cinema is usually quite busy on Sunday evenings.

He arrived in timely fashion and did his part standing in line and waiting to be served. There were swarms of kids and families around him, understandably since Sunday is the perfect day for families to go to the movies together, but when it was his turn he was told he could not buy a ticket.

giving of a ticket
Single white male refused admission to Frozen 2.

“I go to this cinema all the time and I’ve never had any issues. Maybe they were just out off tickets, but I doubt it. The girl who served be told me she couldn’t sell me a ticket because ‘it’s a move for little girls’“.

The patron was a bit shocked because his favourite cinema had refused him service for a pretty dumb reason, but still he didn’t want to make a big fuss out of it.

“I’m a fairly big (but soft) bearded pasty white guy, so I can understand why she got surprised when I asked for a ticket to see Frozen 2 but I kind of feel like she was assuming that I’d hurt some or the kids or something, why else would she refuse to sell me a ticket?”

It was just an ordinary Sunday evening for him, he explained. The movie-goer allegedly has a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers where he reviews and talks about movies.

“I was going to see Frozen 2 because I wanted to review it for my YouTube channel. I’m not famous or anything, I have close to 100,000 subs and I’ve been doing this since I was 19. I don’t get free movie tickets so I buy my own. I didn’t think there’d be an issue, this isn’t the first family movie I’ve seen by myself.”

The YouTuber admitted he felt very embarrassed after being denied entry in front of other movie goers. Fortunately for all parties involved he did not bother to make a fuss and instead just went to the next closest cinema and watched Frozen 2 there.

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